The Deleted Endgame Scene Finally Reveals the Mystery of Gamora’s Disappearance

The Mystery of Gamoras Disappearance

Fans were unable to solve the mystery revolving around Gamora who suddenly disappeared after the death of Tony Stark in Avengers: Endgame. There were many speculations made regarding her disappearance, however, no one could get to the reality concerning Gamora’s fate. We know, after switching sides between The Avengers and Thanos, the green lady ultimately took a decisive turn to aid The Avengers against that maniac aiming to subdue all the creatures of the universe. Yeah, I am referring to ill-mannered, anti-humanitarian and evil-minded Thanos.

In order to save the universe from total destruction, the assistance provided by Gamora paved the way for the success of the superheroes against Thanos. Additionally, special thanks to Nebula for giving her another life by traveling in 2014 and for convincing her to wage a war upon Thanos along with the good guys. After betraying Gamora to get the Soul Stone in Infinity War, The Avengers had realized loyalty means nothing to Thanos who can eliminate even the closet of his allies to be the most powerful creature.

Tony Stark Jacket

What the Deleted Scene is All About?

Coming to the point, the deleted scene, released by USA Today on their Twitter account, shows most of The Avengers kneeling down to pay tribute to Tony Stark including the ones who never had a good time with Stark such as Captain America and his allies. But this does not create even a bit of mercy in the heart of Gamora who realizes Natasha Romanov is being neglected whereas Iron Man is given the undeserved amount of honor. Notably which doesn’t really make sense to her at all. It is an understandable fact that both the mentioned superhero characters contributed towards the betterment of the human race by saving billions of lives by sacrificing their life, however, kneeling down to Stark’s body while ignoring Black Widow disappoints Gamora who believes Romanova deserves the same honor and respect as Iron Man.

Black Widow Vest

Black Widow Vest

In short, while all the superheroes gather to acknowledge the sacrifice Tony Stark made by kneeling him down, The Green Girl prefers to walk away and disappears suddenly with no indication of return. So totally opposite to the rumors and fan theories, Gamora didn’t vanish forever along with Thanos and his army as Iron Man snaps his fingers to bring an end to the endless battle. Yeah, we know she arrived with Thanos as a prominent asset of his army to crush the superheroes, but she could still be seen after the end of the battle and that too for no obvious reason. I mean, one may wonder why she survived the blow while all of her former allies were devastated in the blink of an eye.

Gamora Coat

Zoe Saldana Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2 Gamora Jacket

Perhaps the Endgame writers may be in a better position to explain this mysterious fact about her survival. Well, at least fans can now expect to see Gamora along with Quill and rest of the team members in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 in a better wardrobe as compared to the Gamora Leather Coat from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. In the meantime when the fourth phase of Marvel movies is ready to dominate the Hollywood cinema, who knows if we see her reappearing in a solo movie?

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