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Fast and Furious

Calling out to all car racing action lovers! When we say car racing action, we are speaking of The Fast and Furious, duh. The Fast and Furious has always taken the world by storm, one sequel at a time. The fast and furious first made it’s way to the screens in early 2000s. Even almost two decades later, the millions of fans of this movie series have only multiplied. The movie series is a cult classic and every new part always makes a great bang all around the world. What is it with these actors? They just keep getting better! Of all the things the Fast and Furious series is famous for other than the Vin Diesel and Paul Walker duo, is the unmistakable sass and style of your very own Dominic Toretto. Vin Diesel has to be the ultimate face of Fast and Furious, in all parts. The other supporting characters add more touch to the whole action, thrill and suspense of the whole thing. You know what’s even more famous than Vin Diesel himself? It is the iconic dominic toretto leather jacket! Dom, as we all like to call him, is the main character of the whole series. His bad boy attitude and the whole racer persona gives his personality an intimidating edge; when paired with that rugged diesel red leather jacket, the man reeks of invincibility. His sexy personality and aura should really inspire all of us to adapt his style and capture his persona. The most amazing thing about Mr.Diesel’s style is the way it compliments his character. We totally dig that bad boy vibe! You can get it too. It’s just a vin diesel leather jacket away, really. Flattering at most, these new designs of our F&F collection will definitely bring a lot of weight in your clothing. Dressing up your outfit has never been so easier! Leather jackets have become an epitome of masculinity, after the beards of course. But hey, that doesn’t stop the ladies to flaunt their love for the man too! You can always control the kind of energy you give out. If Vin’s your man, let his style do the thing. It’s all about the confidence and charisma, people!