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Men Varsity Jackets Collection

Do you know how high-school fashion has changed only a little over the last few decades? We mean, you will still find all of those cute frat boys sporting their men letterman jackets out in the sun as they brag about how good their soccer game is.

Some things shall always stay the same, like the boyish charm of a cute leather varsity style jacket for women. We must say, it’s a look fit for all the high-school guys and college frat boys, but hey, just because you aren’t a teen anymore, that’s absolutely no reason to ditch those bad boys’ looks that look oh-so savage, and prove to be a total boon for your fashion game, and style. There’s nothing nicer than a guy who likes to dress up according to the event and is good at it.

Origin of Varsity Lettermen Jackets

When there is a resurgence in the old trends, the first thing we all gear up to do is to seek and learn about some of the origin stories that went inside it – and that is precisely what we will equip you with right here. Yes, these much-loved outerwears have an origin story of their own that goes back in time to the 1800s.

Yes, the jackets were strictly worn by the university students who were part of the sports teams. A noteworthy fact that draws much significance to the name varsity is the fact that in the Scottish language, the term “Varsity” was interchangeably used for university. Hence, that is where this outerwear gets its name.

Although, over time, letterman jackets have found a place in mainstream fashion, their raw relevance is still rooted as the OG favorite jacket and outerwear option for youngsters and university-going kids.

The style of outerwear has remained the same even after all this time; that is what epitomizes the originality for which they got popularised in the first place and set them in a realm of timelessness, staying true to the nature of fashion, style, utility – all elements simultaneously combined together.

Their Place in the Movies and Sitcom With University Backdrop

When it comes to movies and TV shows, specifically set in the 1900s, these letterman men’s jackets have found much prominence there, contributing more to their popularity. They have been much romanticized for a number of reasons. Whether we are talking about a guy with a heart-shaped face being all cute and gentlemanly or that brooding mean dude – these jackets have much relevance in the overall depiction of these characters that have lived beyond their time in the hearts of the viewers who held onto them even when these stories are long gone and buried in the past.

The Signature Style Induced Pieces

When it comes to stepping out of the house for those impromptu or those well-planned gatherings, outfits are certainly one factor that needs to be given all the consideration and time – and it can never go right if you do not have the right outerwear to go with, accompanying the outfit in the best way possible. But wait, when you have the much desirable and timeless varsity jacket being the carrier of the fashion game, it all just ends up being right and synching with your fashion boat.

Availability of the Preferred Sizes

Do you want to make the right choice when it comes to the sizes? We know that feeling; hence we have made sure you get to have the availability of the right sizes that go perfectly well with you. 

Determining the right size and then getting your hands on one is truly a great achievement, and when it comes to shopping, it is a question of paramount importance that you have certainly asked when it comes to  buying and acquiring something worthwhile.

It Makes a Perfect Key Element in Your Ensemble

Our varsity letterman jackets for men makes great choices when hanging out with your guys and girls, chilling in a pub, sitting in your school’s cafeteria or going to a party. These black and white varsity jacket mens are super cool and easy to be paired up with your everyday t-shirts and that favorite jeans you love so much! A nice and funky pair of shoes would be a nice addition and shall add a nicer touch to the whole look of your outfit.

Speaking of, it’s a common belief that every girl’s favorite thing to wear is her boyfriend’s leather varsity jacket! All the more reason to get one for yourself if you don’t have it already from the old glory days! You can browse through our leather varsity jacket designs if you want to give it a more trendy look rather than going all old-school!

Choose Some of these Note-worthy Options

It is Time to Update Your Wardrobe

The resurgence of this one particular trend has really taken the world of fashion by storm. There is much variety to it, and all of it combined together makes it a worthwhile deal, combing a great degree of aplomb and panache. Whether you are talking about street style or everyday casual fashion – it has been everywhere, and it is part of some of the most prominent trends of all time.

Although the style or the uses have been updated to an extent, the core essence of the varsity jackets remains the same. And, there are certain elements that bring along much fun and mesmerizing touch into every outfit amalgam that you undertake to curate with the addition of these varsity outerwears that are unique yet familiarity inducing.

Whether it is a casual style that you are seeking, or you want something vogue, more modish – there are just as many stylish ways to go with when you have updated your wardrobe and have something as exceptional as these pieces integrated within your closet; there is hardly a fashion deal that becomes impossibly far-fetched for you.

Frequently Asked Question

  • What are the Other Names of Varsity Jackets?

The other names of the varsity jacket are: Baseball jacket, letter jacket or letterman jacket.

  • What Materials are Used in the Making of Letterman Jackets?

Wool and leather blend is used in the making of the Letterman jackets, although you can make use of other fabrics too – for instance, cotton, faux leather and fur.

  • Are these Jackets Still Relevant and in the Fashion?

Varsity jackets never seem to go out of fashion, although their trend has resurfaced and is becoming one of the most sought-after options in recent times due to the laid-back image they carry.

  • What Was the Real Idea Behind Varsity/ Letterman Jackets?

The initial idea behind varsity jackets was to dedicate a jacket that solely belonged to young teenage students, although it moved on and became a fashion staple.

  • Can I Rely On a Varsity Jacket During the Winter Season?

Yes, definitely, they make a great option to go with, and if you layer it well, then it becomes an even better option.

  • Which University Originated the Varsity Jackets Trend?

Harvard University originated it back in 1860  – although it was not really a varsity jacket back in the day, they were, in fact, just sweatshirts with H engraved upon them, but later on, other colleges and universities picked up on it too.

  • Which Sports Players are Keen On Wearing Varsity Jackets?

Although there are no hard and fast rules regarding that, these jackets have been romanticized among basketball, football, volleyball and varsity sports players.