Marvel’s Head Believes Scarlet Witch Could Kick Out Thanos If It Was One on One

Marvels Head Believes Scarlet Witch Could Kick Out Thanos If It Was One on One

We can’t deny Scarlet Witch’s superiority over a number of Marvel figures, however, believing she might knockout Thanos singlehandedly is far away from reality. But for Kevin Feige, Marvel’s head, things would have gone in Witch’s favor if the anti-humanitarian figure would have not called his army to support him in the evil cause of dominating the universe. Conversing with a representative from, Kevin Feige said, ‘I contend she would have taken down Thanos if he hadn’t called the army, it was done.”

Not Everybody Agrees with Feige

To some, Feige’s statement reveals the true powers of Wanda Maximoff, whereas for others overestimating Witch does not place her above Captain America and Iron Man who never had the ability to take Thanos down without external support. Well, perhaps Feige does not agree with the writers who have never attempted to extend Maximoff’s power to such a great extent. Since the boss is always right, nobody can dare to come forward and contradict to his opinion which is simply based on assumptions but not on factual figures.

Additionally, the boss has revealed about the upcoming project showcasing Maximoff and Doctor Strange together saying, ”So her being the Scarlet Witch now, as Lizzie said on stage in a full sort of unabashed power-based [way], coming into the Doctor Strange movie, that is two heroes coming together in a fun way.’ This sounds to be a jackpot of fun and entertainment bringing both the Marvel characters together. It reflects the 4th phase of Marvel movies might be a bit untraditional as compared to the past. I mean we might see a number of characters coming together in upcoming movies unlike the 3rd and the 2nd phase which showed Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America having their solo movies.

Scarlet Witch Coat

Scarlet Witch Red Coat

Primarily speaking, let’s admit, Wanda Maximoff is no less than a typical warrior who has always offered her unconditional support to humanity and has been through harsh circumstances during various defensive campaigns to defend the planet Earth. A comic reader acknowledges the fact that, In the Civil War, the gorgeous girl has massively supported Rogers in defeating Iron Man wearing that Civil War Scarlet Witch Red Coat or whatever you call it. But when we conduct a general review of the powers of the Scarlet Witch and Thanos, the result goes in favor of the latter.

Regardless of the army of Thanos which arrived at the battlefield to resist the superheroes’ invasion, there would have been no way to defeat the big guy one on one. Perhaps mister Kevin Feige should have proposed a better name to compare with Thanos, but it seems like he is too interested in promoting Maximoff’s upcoming series which made him forget some other big names in the list of Marvel superheroes. In short, comparing Thanos with Scarlet Witch is like comparing an elephant with a tigress which sounds to be too a good option at all.

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