Molly Parker Brings Life To The Character Of Maureen Robinson

If you have been waiting for the Robinsons to get back on the screen for quite a while now then your wait is over because Netflix is here with the reboot of “Lost In Space”. Yes, you read it right and now you can finally enjoy the characters of John, Maureen Robinson, the mom and dad, and three children. Now, the story of this Netflix series won’t be similar to the original “Lost In Space” TV series but yes, the Robinson family will be the same and you will see all the characters that you’ve been dying to see on the screen.

You’ve got to watch the Netflix reboot of this series if you want the same chills you got when Maureen Robinson said;

“NOT another word. Better. Now if you’ve finished hosing down the decks with testosterone, I suggest you come with me. I may have found a way to get us off this planet.”- Maureen Robinson (Lost In Space)

Now, we are pretty sure that you are here to know that who exactly is playing the character of Maureen Robinson. And well, guess what? You are at the right place and the answer to your question is “Molly Parker”. Molly Parker is an Emmy nominated actress and till date, the reviews of the show tell that she is nailing the character of Maureen Robinson.

It is an undeniable fact that Molly is incredible with her roles in the movies and the best part is that she is an experienced actress who has been appearing in the movies since the ’90s. From shows like “The Sentinel” to “The Twitch City”, she has been amazing with her acting skills and well, the decision by the director to make her play Maureen Robinson and make her wear the Maureen Robinson Lost In Space jacket is wise because this role and the outfit totally suits her.


Maureen Robinson Lost In Space jacket

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Also, if you are someone who has seen House Of Cards then you will recognize this face of Molly Parker because she gave a guest appearance in this famous TV series as Jackie Sharp and well, this was the exact role for which she got nominated in the Emmy awards.

In an interview, Molly said that she is thankful to get such an amazing role in Lost In Space and she is happy because she can now live in Vancouver for a few months during the shooting.

“My family is there. I was able to have my son up there with me. It was awesome”-Molly Parker

The best part is that people are loving Molly for playing Maureen’s character because this character has been played earlier by two more Emmy nominated actresses and till date, Molly is the one doing justice to the Maureen Robinson’s role.

So, now if you want to see the all famous Lost In Space Molly Parker Parka jacket and if you are excited for the Robinsons then don’t wait anymore and just head to Netflix to watch this amazing series.

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