All you need to know about Avengers: Endgame

Avengers Endgames

With the passage of time, Marvel’s mega-blockbuster project Avengers: Endgame release date is coming closer to the extent that we are only a month away from witnessing dramatic action-packed visuals and a big team of superheroes defending the human race. To be noted, the entry of Avengers: Endgame in Marvel Cinematic Universe is surely going to pave the way for Marvel’s dominance in the superhero-themed movies against their decade-old rival and first ever comic publishers, DC Comics. Now since the world including the die-hard fans are desperately waiting for the thrilling adventures, the internet is flooded by tons of opinions and questions regarding what eventually the film will offer to the costume and outerwear lovers? For better or worse, one has to admit, along with entertainment, a film also brings numerous options to the fashionistas and to film fans in terms of fashionable wardrobes. So, before you rush to the cinema next month, I will shed some light on a few inspirations for your future fashion choices which may make you want to invade online shops. In addition, as the word ” endgame ” is now everywhere on the internet, let’s jump into the possible conclusion of the upcoming thriller by guessing how the battle against Thanos will go.

What to expect from Avengers: Endgame

After months of rumors about the death of the major superheroes including Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, and The Hulk, finally, it is clear that most of these will be seen in the film battling against the giant villain. The fans can absolutely expect action, thriller, adventure, suspense, sacrifices and at last, the use of power from both sides of the opponents. Reportedly, the roles of Captain Marvel and Iron Man would be of most importance to eliminate Thanos.

Iron Man

According to the sources, Captain American will be seen confronting Thanos himself. Besides all of this, after maintaining consistence presence, the possibility is very clear that it would be the last time we would see Iron Man.

Captain America

Captain America End Game

When it comes to Captain America, he will join the S.H.I.E.L.D after accepting a major role to save the endangered creatures of the rest of the universe. Furthermore, we do not know much about his fate along with his teammates.



The blonde man or let’s say the God of Thunder will play a crucial role along with other meta-humans which has still been played by the Australian actor, Chris Hemsworth. Just like the rest, there has been no confirmation of whether or not he will manage to stay alive.


You just can’t neglect the importance of Thanos ever since he proved his capabilities to rule the universe after defeating more than a dozen heroes. Since he is no less than a GOD after capturing the time stone, there are chances that he will be shown as an invincible personality whose life cannot be taken away. Regardless of that, the seemingly undefeatable character might get eliminated, I mean it’s the last episode, so who knows?

Wardrobe Inspirations

Without confusing you for a moment, let me make you aware of the fact that MCU has recently released the promo pictures for Avenger: Endgame which indicates the superheroes will be seen in the same old costumes with a slight transformation to them. Notably, unlike before, when The Hulk could be seen shirtless, this time The Green Monster has been bestowed with a costume covering his oversized body. Moreover, even Iron Man will experience a bit of change in his meta-body as the silver-colored metal has been added to his shoulder replacing the red.

You just can’t disagree, with a release of every Marvel project, comes a new trend of the film inspired outerwear. It’s actually a way of the fans to express their love towards their favorite superhero by adopting clothing inspired by them. As you might have seen Steve Rogers’ picture circulating on the internet in a white suit along with his team, it is pretty obvious to know in a few days only, you probably realize a lot of movie fans to grab the reproduced version of Avengers: Endgame Quantum Realm Jacket from the online market. By the way, its absolute mystery why the Avengers have turned white in the last episode which kind of gives a hint about their collective role rather the individual one.

Taking a look into the past

How Thanos can be defeated despite all the previous failed attempts by all superheroes combined?
Are all the meta-human characters going to die leading to the actual endgame of Marvel legends?
If suppose Thanos is destroyed, who will be a real hero to crush him up?

Now, I can feel you when these questions pop up into your mind making you desperate to know the ultimate truth about the fate of each and every character that you have loved for so long. However, instead of sharing my opinion with you, I would let you decide according to your analysis since you have been following them for over a decade now. However, my recommendation to you is simply to go into the past and identify each character’s powers and their extraordinary abilities. Doing this will allow you to gather potential information along with enabling you to predict their fate which has been wrongly associated with Thanos’. Understandably, the dominance of a super-villain is enough to give a hard time to all the Marvel created heroes. But while on the other hand, the battle-hardened team of superheroes cannot be underestimated either, certainly when they have been busy fighting for a long time and that too against a number of enemies with more numbers, resources, technological advancement.

Superheroes versus the supervillain

In order to predict the future, you better start from the previous episodes and encounters of the team of meta-humans led by Captain America. Categorically, in the last part ” Avengers: Infinity War”, Thanos hardly could stand up in front of the massively powerful pro humanitarian forces despite being such a powerful figure. However, it was not until when he captured the last needed time stone and eventually became the uncrowned king of the world ultimately leading to the destruction of half of the creatures. Now it surely would be unfair to give no credit to the superheroes for their contributions to save humanity from catastrophic situations. As a matter of fact, at least Thor was enough to close to getting Thanos killed and even Doctor Strange had also come up with the only way out of more than 14 million ways to smash the ultra-villain. Ultimately the dark forces proved to be victorious against a force way more smaller in size and inferior in technology.

Why couldn’t they just nuke the part of the planet Titan where the war theatre had been staged?
I must say, I have found this question on numerous forums and blogs. My simple answer to the innocent question is that, since Avengers were far away from the planet Earth, there was no way of communication with the military forces, in short, it was out of their reach. Secondarily, let’s suppose, the distance was not an issue, still, the military forces were aware of Thanos’ capacity to survive and be vanished from the theatre of war soon after a nuclear strike would have launched. Not only that, the outcome of a nuclear assault would have been disastrous with no guarantee of achieving the target.

Well, whatever the past was, all we want is the film to be released as soon as possible bringing an end to all the rumors and confusion.

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