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Netflix is back with the all-new version of Lost In Space and reports and reviews tell, just like the original movie and the series, this reboot is also worth watching. Speaking of Lost In Space, let’s face it that we are more excited to see the Robinson family back on screen. In fact, we all are super excited for Maureen Robinson and what this character will be playing this time as this is the third time we are watching this character on the TV and all the Lost In Space fans know how Dr. Robinson’s character has evolved in the past few years.

For those who don’t know, this time in the Netflix reboot of Lost In Space, Molly Parker is playing Maureen Robinson and we must say that she is just nailing the character with her looks, her outfit, and her acting skills. After all, Molly is an Emmy nominated actress so yes, you can expect her to play the legendary Maureen Robinson’s character. In an interview, Parker told that,

“I guess I had a kind of idea of it, that there were a robot and super-cheesy sets, so I wasn’t altogether convinced that it was altogether a good idea. But then I read the script and the script was so nuanced and you’re right into the action right away, and I felt very comforted that Netflix was making it because I knew that they would support it in the way that it would need to be supported.”-


Maureen Robinson Lost In Space jacket



June Lockhart played Maureen Robinson in the original series of Lost In Space and in this series, she was introduced as a biochemist who graduated from the New Mexico College of Space Medicine. In this series, it is shown that it wasn’t Maureen’s idea to colonize the Alpha Centauri, in fact, John (her husband) was the one who came up with this idea and Maureen just supported her.

As far as Maureen’s outfits are concerned, well, they were just in accordance with the style and trends of the ’90s. Especially there was a lot of hype about the Maureen Robinson Lost In Space jacket because it was worth drooling over.


In the year 1998, Mimi Rogers was the one who played Maureen Robinson in the movie adaption of Lost In Space. In the movie, the character of Maureen Robinson isn’t very prominent but as far as her introduction is concerned, well, she was introduced as a scientist and a caring mother.


Maureen Robinson Lost In Space Molly Parker jacket



Just the one we were talking about, the Netflix series of Lost In Space came out this year in the month of April and here as said earlier, Molly Parker is the one playing Maureen Robinson. Maureen is shown bitter in this series and according to this reboot, Maureen is the one who makes the decision of colonizing the Alpha Centauri.

This is how the character of Maureen Robinson evolved. However, the one thing that is still constant is Dr. Robinson’s style statement. You will still see the Maureen Robinson Lost In Space Molly Parker jacket and you’d want to have it right away.

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