Anime Vs. Video Games, In Fashion World Too?!

Video Games Vs Anime In Fashion World Too

From the start of this decade, things got inclined towards new changes. The fashion fraternity never gets bored of coming up with styles. One cannot even imagine life’s hustles. The exciting bouts of creativity, along with occasional scenes of class and vintage, work up the interest of the masses towards the latest fashion. You might want to snag the best option for yourself, but that requires consideration and a keen eye!

Unique sets of collections are making a vivid appearance on the markets. Have you checked out if your favorite character made it to the cut? It is a fact that the hype for Joker Costume Suit peaked and never died down. Throughout the year, when other costumes gain traction just before a big event (cosplay convention or theme parties, etc.), this particular option continues to get sky-high ratings. Without Joker’s iconic costume, any costume party would look dull and dim.

Halloween is one of those events that demand people to get up from their comfy couches and hustle. From decorating yards to preparing extensive meals, Halloween preps are never limited to a single theme (other than being spooky). Rugged, rough and dangerous, are some of the ways of pairing your outfits on All Hallows’ Eve. A typical Biker Halloween Costume will not incite the kind of reaction you are after, zombify the look, and you win!

Gradually, fashion pointers are tipping towards more of the trends once considered bizarre or absurd. Animated movies and games are a big deal for Gen Z. If there is something this generation would never compromise on, it is their love for all things fiction. If you are still reading, get excited because the clash between the two biggest entertainment mediums has begun in the fashion world!

Anime’s Never-Ending Hype 

The pioneer, aka Akira, is a classic animated film adapted from manga series. The film introduced the Japanese art of hand-drawn animations to the rest of the world. With many achievements under its name, Akira’s fame and fan following has only increased with time. The Akira Capsule Jacket introduced by the sci-fi film’s main character, Shotaro Kaneda, has its league as well!

From withstanding all the changing trends to the latest anime series, the hype of this original top layer has only multiplied. No one has resisted its charms once glancing over the hot red shade of this outfit. Since the classic is still in top trending lists, you can only imagine the anticipation for the new ones. Every latest anime series or movie has gotten mind-blowing traction from viewers all over the globe.

Anime outfits are way more unique than an average collection. The show of vivid colors, bold designs, and practical outerwear are extremely pleasing for those who are fond of experimenting. Before you go and splurge everything on anime-related outfits, check out the counterpart giving this medium a tough competition as well.

Video Games’ Comeback During Lockdown

Video game inspired outfits like Fallout 4 Maxson’s Battlecoat are quite popular for their savage styles. Those who admire these outfits’ crafty nature know that it is not an easy feat to pull this look on any occasion. The days blended into nights during the quarantine phase of this year, and people did not look up from their raging wars on gadgets.

Video games are widely loved and played, but this became an increasing trend when people found lots of extra time on their hands. The pull of a hobby you had to leave for something else is too strong. Video games became the only solace for people who had work from home and no other activity!

Comic book characters that everyone is still talking about even after their initial release include Batman-verse’s Jason Todd. The iconic Arkham Knight Jason Todd Hooded Jacket, introduced in the video game Batman: Arkham Knight, shows that the legacy this character made is a unique and cunning one. Be the next trendsetter in your circle by opting for outfits that sway from the traditional rulebook!

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