Level Up Your Costume Game With Trendy Jackets!

Level Up Your Costume Game With Trendy Jackets

Has the costume hunt already made you tired? You might be missing something that can solve your problem within minutes – Jackets! The top layers that are trending these days will prove as a breath of fresh air for you. It’s either a costume party or looking for a change in your everyday outfits, and jackets will save you big-time.

You can even attain many different Fun Halloween Costumes with jackets. Coming up in various colors, designs, and themes, jackets have evolved a lot to be competent enough to stay with you for a more extended period. So, how about jazzing up your look with some trendy jackets? Let’s introduce some styling techniques into them as well to compliment every occasion.

The Black Leather Jacket of Negan:

A simple leather jacket is the apparel-for-all. It looks good, no matter where you go. From formal business dinners to casual birthday parties, leather jackets run the fastest from every other top layer. And the Negan Leather Jacket is the trendiest form of a black leather jacket, from the zombie-themed TV series ‘The Walking Dead.’ It was rocked by the very charismatic Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

Don’t feel like you can’t do it like him. Just go for the right pairing, and there you are – looking as cool as him. Wear the classy motorcycle jacket over your formal shirt and pants to ace that business deal of yours. Or pair the Negan Leather Jacketover casual outfits or rough clothes and look badass in the friends’ get-together or any casual party. Remember, oxford or derby shoes for formals and sneakers for casuals.

The Red Leather Jacket of Kaneda:

The real fun comes when you try entirely new things. If you were always a monochrome person, then go for vibrant colors like red and yellow. The hottest red jacket that has been in the fashion world for decades is the Akira Jacket. The motorcycle jacket from the movie ‘Akira’ is in a gorgeous asymmetrical design to give you an up-to-date outlook.

Although the jacket is from the ‘80s, it has evolved a lot over the years. So, pair it with any lighter tone t-shirt to balance out the vibrant color of this jacket while going to your workplace. Sweaters would work fine too. For the casual look, do whatever you want to do with the Akira Jacket; it would look anyways. This jacket is the life of all the casual and fun-loving events!

The Black and Red Leather Jackets With Serpents!

You must have already guessed this next jacket. Yes – the green serpent printed jacket from the TV series ‘Riverdale.’ Symbolizing the power and unity of the Serpents gang, the Riverdale Serpents Jacket instantly became so popular that even the people who didn’t watch the series started wearing it. The jacket comes in two different colors; red and black.

So, pick out the jacket which will complement the genre of the event. Pull off the red one in your casual events like birthdays, bachelor parties, graduation parties, and meetups. And style a black Riverdale Serpents Jacketwith formals outfits to your formal events like workplaces, cocktail parties, and weddings. The best part – you can even swap both of them!

The Suits of Joker:

This one might get tricky, though. Who doesn’t love the suits of Joker? Let it be the iconic purple one or the recent red worn by Joaquin Phoenix; every one of them is a masterpiece. Although the tuxedos are in pop colors, you can still wear them at your workplace. The key is to stay subtle and play with the monochromes.

The purple Joker Costume Suit could easily be paired with a white, black, or nude shirt for a sophisticated formal appearance. Do the same with the red one but also look out for the days. Opt for the red one when there is a casual day at the workplace and a purple one for the remaining days. Slip-on nicely polished black shoes with this outfit and see everyone praising your spiced-up look with the Joker Costume Suit.

These cool and stylish jackets are recently the most popular ones. From giving you various new outfits for everyday wear to glamming up your personality within minutes, these mesmerizing top layers are the maestros. Just go with the right pairing for the specific genre and be your fashion stylist!

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