Top 8 Badass Games Outfit Ideas For the Upcoming Cosplay!

Top 8 Badass Games Outfit Ideas For the Upcoming Cosplay!

Each year there are thousands of cosplay events held all over the world, and millions of costume lovers participate in this amazing event while wearing the most iconic costumes from anime, Sci-Fi movies, games, and many more. If you are going to ask about selection and the time of making your costumes and dressing up for the event is the thing that is way more than attending the entire event (well, if you’re a crazy costume lover).

The gaming community has grown a lot in the few decades, which makes it a bit difficult to get the outfit for yourself as there are a lot of new “genres” now within the old ones like if you look at the last year’s mostly wear a costume, you will see the PUBG Black Leather Trench Coat as the Battle Royal is the New Thing of the gaming industry. So if you are an average cosplay and a proud victim of procrastination and still want an amazeballs costume, here are some of our picks that we think can easily dominate over many costumes with ease! So without further adieu, let’s jump right into the top 6 badass game costumes ideas for your upcoming cosplay!

Assassin’s Creed!

Whenever the franchise Assassin’s Creed releases its installment, it sends the gamers to the times of long before. The fighting scenes, the graphics, the storyline, there is absolutely nothing that makes this franchise and game bad in any manner. The popularity of the game in the gaming community caused the reason of hitting the radar of the gamer cosplayer, and they are the first ones who took the liberty and wore the costume from one of the most amazing, iconic, and best games in the gaming industry.


It’s been two decades since the first-ever game was released under the name of Halo, and twenty years later, there still are thousands of gamers who have remembered the originally featured costume and still make it as their main costume. Despite the fact that the franchise has lost its fame compared to the times of its early days, but the outlandish concept that runs throughout the franchise caused the reason for its fame and has made a special place in the hearts of the hardcore/real gamers.


Now something that is also from the lands where the whole concept of wearing costumes got its boom in popularity worldwide. As we are just talking about the games, Tekken is the one franchise that no one can’t forget about. The featured Japanese culture and the amazing fighting animation that’s added in the game make it one of the most standing titles in the classics. From the list, 36 of the most amazing and the most popular costumes are of the main character of the game Jinn.

Call Of Duty

If you are the gamers who just live first-person shooting games, then you might have played Call of Duty at least once in your gaming period. If not, don’t you dare call yourself a gamer as most of the installments are of the recreation of the past fought wars which is why almost all the costumes of this franchise only have military-grade outfits (means cool kevlar, guns, grenades, knives, and the black ops markings all over the costumes. Since this franchise has seen the daylight, it instantly became one of the highlights in the cosplayer community as there are many cool characters featured outfits, especially the Black Leather Trench Coat that Captain John Price wore in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and this one the most worn costume by the gamers.

Player Unknown Battle Underground

The newest title in the list that really has shaken the gaming industry is none other than the Play Unknown Battle Underground (PUBG). Now, as it’s a battle royal game, there are quite a few costumes to offer to the cosplayer community; there are a lot of the pubg trench coats that have set some new standards for the other developers to beat. One more reason why these are more popular in the cosplay community is that they aren’t that extreme, so all the average cosplayers can wear this as their main costume.

Tomb Raider

The iconic game Tomb Raider has come a long way, and since it first-ever released in 1996, the adventurous screen of the game has won a lot of hearts around the globe. The franchise may be more than a decade older, but she does seem to stop her deadly adventurers, and the newest part of the Tomb Raider is out, and she looks like she always was copied by a number of well-known cosplayers.

Red Dead Redemption

Another shooting but the third-person game in the list, and the reason what makes this one be this popular in the cosplay world is that every single featured costume has a theme of the wild west and which gives it one more reason to be a famous game as we all know that the gamers always have a thing with the old revolvers and the Gunslingers, the game that has this touch of wild west can never be a disliked game by the game. Now, which character’s outfit should you go with for the next cosplay from Red Dead Redemption? Well, if you would have played the game, you weren’t asking this question! It’s simple John is the guy to copy the looks for the upcoming cosplay.

Super Mario

Okay, so if there is any game out there that isn’t unknown to anyone is Super Mario. The arcade memories that most of us have that are associated with this game are just amazing, so if you really wanna live out a day of pure nostalgia, wear any costume from the King of classic game Super Mario to your next cosplay event.

As long the multi-billion dollar industry of games will not stop their production of games, there will be thousands of costumes for the cosplayers to opt the costume for their convention, and looking at the gaming industry, it doesn’t seem like that this type of thing is going to happen any time soon. All the above-mentioned costumes are the ones that you can get with thinking twice, but there are also some honorable mentions we would like to add; Kratos from God of War, PUBG black coat, many of the Fortnite skins. If you ask about the best part of cosplay to a professional cosplayer, more likely the chances are you are going to have the same answer that getting choosing the costumes for the upcoming event is the thing that keeps us going every time, so if this is your first time for cosplay make this experience count.

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