Ultimate Guide to The Weeknd’s Style!

Ultimate Guide to The Weekends

The man with hit albums and exquisite style!

We all know that The Weeknd has become one of the most celebrated artists on the planet (no exaggeration) ever since the release of his debut album, Trilogy, in 2012. Though, He’s had a pretty good career, with several Grammy Awards, a number of Billboard Music Awards, and other recognized awards. But in the year 2021, the artist has released a total of five albums, and the most recent among that is After Hours, and yet probably the best one too.

If you’re wondering, After Hours is full of the same melancholic, bass-heavy tracks you’ll come to expect. As well as some Max Martin-produced tracks like “Blinding Lights” and “Save Your Tears,” this man has given some of the best content for his audience to binge on, but still, The Weeknd is never too much. Also, his 14-track album is still one of his best musical offerings to date, despite the lack of a Lana Del Rey or Drake collaboration.

Some essentials from his daily Style

No wonder, The Weeknd was given the opportunity to perform on the world’s biggest stage: Super Bowl LV. And while people expected him to belt out his biggest hits during the 15-minute set, there were people who were curious about what he’ll be wearing. And considering that they are familiar with the dainty style of the Star, we cannot question. However, He has won the hearts of his fandom by fairing the same outfit that he has worn over the past year worn the same outfit for the past year, consisting of The Weeknd Super Bowl Show Red Blazer Coat, black shirt, and black leather pants, which he paired with a bandaged and bloody face.

The Weedknd Super Bowl Show Red Blazer Coat

Although as nothing sartorially surprises us when it comes to this Star. We’ve figured we’d look back at some of his best looks from the past. And over the period of time, he has evolved in his career as a singer and as well as a style icon for all the fashion savvies out there. Though his style has evolved over from the hyped beast nylon bomber jackets, biker jeans, and ever-loving Yeezys. He has been seen coming up with unique looks at events and at shows. And undoubtedly, all of these styles were breathtaking. The Weeknd is surely giving away his style guide to all the people out there in an exotic manner. Also, if you have the soul of an explorer, then we have some amazing information regarding The Weeknd style in-stored for you.

Here’s to the phenomenal outlooks that he wore throughout his music career.

The superstar way of black-tie

Our very own, The Weeknd apparent at the Grammys, was truly relishing. Coming up with the dress code “rock n roll Black-tie” they were expecting people to experiment with the outlook. And this man proved that his style is top-notch by showing at the event with a supersoft, crystal-encrusted velvet tuxedo by his favorite designer Saint Laurent. But that look couldn’t match his The Weeknd red coat that he wore to glamour.

He surely knows how to flaunt Gloves!

This ace singer has managed to pull several looks that were daunting yet captivating while running up the release of his album. Moreover, in his performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, he did manage to get the hold of the show with his enthralling presence and swoon-worthy performance. Undoubtedly, Abel’s Patrick Bateman gloves captured everyone’s attention, as he wore a scarlet velvet sweater, an exaggerated tie to rival Harry Styles. Call them The Weeknd’s Fashion gloves, as they have been seen on the runways of Louis Vuitton, Dior, and many other A-lister designers. This style statement from The Weeknd’s wardrobe is setting some major style goals for all the hipsters.

Concentrate on the 1980s.

With a daunting mustache to rival Freddie Mercury and John Oates, The Weeknd channeled the 1980s on heat at the Uncut Gems premiere. He flaunted this relishing look during the 2019 Toronto International Film Festival.

Be the greatest poster boy you can be.

This iconic singer is the only person who could tell you about the promotion of your recently released albums. Well, if you follow his footsteps, wear the merch with the album title emblazoned on it. And having this look in your wardrobe, you can surely reach up to the top on the chart.

Adapt the color of your tie to the color of your shirt.

The Weeknd’s bandaged face was the subject of attention at the American Music Awards. Apart from his swollen and bloodied eyes, the singer’s style flourished. Flaring this outlook, he made sure that he was getting on all the attention.

A resurgence of ties

The Weeknd looked like an extra in Mad Men, as if he’d just walked off the Gucci runway. While he was flaring in a grey plaid coat. Besides that, his raunchy, orange-tinted shades were bigger and better than Anna Wintour’s. And not to forget that his necktie game encouraged everyone to join the new tie movement.

Let’s talk about his Styles!

Ever since his first-ever debut with House Of Balloons in 2011, he has been the apple of the eye of all fashionista. Canadian casanova The Weeknd has released several of the most majestic suggestive albums and mixtapes of all time. Moreover, he has established his own record label, XO. He further developed a signature look that would stand up to the music industry’s most talked-about hair. And if you want to adapt his style, then here are some of the most well-styled outlooks from this notorious iconic style.

The Weeknd’s classic

Well, there is one thing you can take him out of Toronto, but not Toronto out of him. Though the singer has received huge fame for The Weeknd Red Blazer, there is another attire that has managed to make everyone fall in love with the overall attire, and that is his traditional Canadian tuxedo. The Boxy jackets have become a staple of the singer’s low-key style, and when he pairs his go-to light-wash denim cover-up with a black tee. To elevate this outlook add skinny black jeans and all-black Timberland boots to give this 50s staple a nice streetwear update.

Away with the Weeknd

Up next, we’ll look at how the Weeknd moves in utter panache, with a steezy Palace tracksuit and a pair of prime knit Adidas Y-3 Pure Boost ZG shoes. The singer truly stays honest to his monochrome palette while he is on the go. Moreover, the Starboy is comfortable without sacrificing elegance, thanks to minimal mess and solid stripe detailing.

Fashion Week in New York is in full swing.

Let’s talk about The Weeknd’s fashion prowess that predates his tour memorabilia. Although He may have launched one of the year’s biggest merch lines. But he is still sharpening his act in preparation for his front-row seat at New York Fashion Week. And The singer’s textured grey jacket is a sleek, understated addition to his all-black base that checks all the style boxes without going overboard.

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