If you look at the last couple of years in the filming industry, the recreational universe movies are having their serious moment now. Either a part of the comic fandom or not, everyone is digging the franchise. Well, why wouldn’t they? All the lead characters like Captain Marvel, Wonder Woman, Batman, and Iron man are now starting to pick their pace. If you are familiar with the main timeline from the comic, they are the main showrunners. As the storyline is underway, the utter coolness of the universe is starting to reflect in our universe as well.

There are a significant number of places where the costumes from this fantasy world are increasing each year. So why not, this Halloween, steal the looks of your favorite comic character. Sounds like a plan, right! 

There are many franchises out there from which you can have the looks without even scratching the surface. We all know that no other franchise is better than DC for searching costumes for Halloween or any other event. Let’s look at some of the characters who pack a punch like Jared Leto Joker costume or must facsimile the looks if doing so.



A much more intimidating cat. Cheetah has had a bit of a legacy, and there are a few different versions of the character. The most recent iteration of Cheetah is Barbara Minerva. Who just recently appeared in DC is Wonder Woman 1984, a skilled archaeologist and linguist. She has a keen interest in the lost culture of the Amazons. And she actually helped Wonder Woman learn English when she first came to the United States. Dr. Minerva has made a pact with a god transforming her into a cheetah with superhuman speed and all the deadly attributes of a feline.

She battled with the inner turmoil of resisting her animalistic rage and predatory fury and was once friends with Wonder Woman, at least in her human form. She was once busted out of jail by the crime syndicate and recruited onto their team. After a while, she led her own team known as the Menagerie, who terrorized New York from their hideout in Central Park.

Punch Line

Also called Alexis K. She is the Joker’s new right-hand woman as Harley has a lot going on right now, and the two aren’t really on speaking terms. She was a student at Snyder College and encountered the Joker while on a field trip to a TV studio. Joker hijacked the studio, and Alexis was forced at gunpoint to act as the newsreader delivering Joker’s message to the citizens of Gotham. After this encounter, she became obsessed. She started a podcast about the Joker and poisoning the people around her to try and get his attention.

She eventually kills her college dean, proving herself to the Joker. There she goes on to help Joker in his war against Batman. She eventually has an epic showdown against Harley Quinn and Batman. She wields a couple of daggers and holds her own well against Catwoman and Harley. This got us to see a new Harley Quinn Halloween costume in the comic.


Silver Banshee

First appeared in Action Comics number 595. Silver Banshee is a villain with sonic powers who frequently goes up against Superman. She was once insanely powerful but has sort of been dumbed down a bit over the years. It’s just how it goes with the supervillain sometimes, but in her youth, she was dragged into the Nether world and granted superpowers by a creature called the Crone. The powers, like a curse, initially controlled her. But she later overcomes it with the help of Supergirl. They become good friends and get to know each other pretty well. The two later hang out in a bar together, and it’s lit.

They’re having a great time until her dad Black Banshee shows up. Luckily, the two of them can defeat Black Banshee together. Silver Banshee is known for her ability to learn language instantly and, more importantly, this crazy power; to make people die by saying their name. It’s sort of like the Black Canary’s Canary Cry except for the Banshee version and instantly kills you. 


Blackfire is the older sister of Starfire from the Teen Titans. She often appears as an adversary of the Titans and is extremely powerful. She matched the already astounding Starfire in battle. She can absorb ultraviolet radiation and transform it into deadly bolts she calls black bolts. And can even change radio into energy, giving her superhuman strength and endurance. She is especially powerful, capable of interstellar travel and flight in space. She appears in Red Hood and the outlaw’s number 11. Where she fights alongside her sister and takes down the blight after they capture Roy harbor, it’s an epic team-up at a great reunion for the two sisters.

Mary Queen of Blood

Mary Seward is the Queen of Blood appearing in the house of mystery number 290 in 1981. She once had a lover named Andrew Bennett, a decorated nobleman who was bitten and turned into a vampire. Mary begged Andrew to bite her as well, hoping that the two could spend eternity together. However, Andrew resists the vampiric blood loss while Mary embraces it and becomes a ruthless killer. She forms a cult called The Blood Red Moon and Andrew hunter, trying to stop her across the centuries. She once turned an entire Temple of monks into vampires, but they rather impressively resist the bloodlust through mindfulness and meditation. She has a crazy host of powerful abilities, including psychokinesis transformation, regeneration, superhuman strength and not to mention immortality. So long as she has a steady supply of blood. She is extremely powerful.


Also known as June Moone. Enchantress gains her powers from an immensely powerful being and almost immediately winds up battling against Supergirl. She later joins the Suicide Squad as Amanda Waller agrees to help her control her evil Enchantress side. This makes her costume a part of the Suicide Squad cosplay costumes. She can manipulate energy, heal and even teleport. She once took on Wonder Woman, Cyborg, and Superman all at once and has defeated other villains as well. Her powers have gotten kind of erratic and unpredictable since June moon and Enchantress became separated from one another. But she still demonstrated some impressive raw power in her villainous career. She is capable of flight, necromancy and possession, elemental control, and even resurrection, but only if the course is fresh. If it’s not, though, she can always use the necromancy.


Evil Supergirl. 

Lex Luthor had an evil scheme that basically caused all of this. He created a black kryptonite energy ray, which he used on Supergirl, hoping to corrupt her. Instead, though, the ray generated a second dark version of Supergirl. This dark version had similar memories and experiences but believed that she was sent to Earth to kill Superman. And as you can imagine, she’s crazy powerful. She goes on a rampage using her Kryptonian powers, causing tons of damage and even taking down Black Canary and the Flash before finally facing off in an epic battle with Superman and Wonder Woman. Evil Supergirl is likely one of the most powerful villains ever. It’s actually Wonder Woman that brings her down in the end, catching both versions of Supergirl in her lasso and merging them together back into one. 

So this is it, all femme Fatales who are always here for you to dress like one for any costume event or even Halloween. Is there any character that you already like and want to facsimile the looks of or like one of the mentioned characters? Either way, comic books can be very source full in terms of costume selection.

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