Seven Halloween costumes for people who haven’t planned for Halloween!

Seven Halloween costumes for people who haven't planned for Halloween!

Halloween spirit

Halloween is a tradition that many will always celebrate. No matter how difficult of a year you are having, this one occasion in the year is what brings a smile to our faces. With the pandemic bringing everyone’s moods down, I have a feeling that it might be a bit draining for you to find the ideal costume for this year. And naturally, as a Halloween enthusiast, you would panic. So here is what I would do. I would do my research. What I need is to have enough information in my case. And I am sure of yours too.

So here is what you start with. Find yourself a niche that you are inspired by and are interested in. For example, I am a superhero fan bandwagon coach, and I love it. So probably my Halloween outfit is going to be something inspired by superhero jackets. But that is just for me. You could be inspired by anything at any time and dress like that for Halloween. However, if you are a superhero enthusiast like I am, you would not bother yourself with the DC and Marvel rivalry. Oh no. You would truly just enjoy the different concepts behind each hero. So here is my guide for a superhero-inspired jacket collection.


Seven Halloween costumes for people who haven't planned for Halloween!

The dark knight has always held a special place in my heart. And don’t ask me why. Maybe it’s because black has always been my favorite color. Maybe it’s because I think that dark and mysterious looks great. Or maybe it’s because I think that Bruce Wayne has put his money to fantastic use. Whatever it is, I still believe that the outfit would look great even this year, though it has been worn multiple times in the past. You can bet anything that this year as well. You will be able to count at least ten batmans running around for candy or pranking friends. For me personally, the outfit has to match the superhero-like xerox copy! Every detail needs to match exactly like that of batmans. I need the belt, the cape, the pointy ears, and most importantly, a sore throat so that I can mimic his voice!


Seven Halloween costumes for people who haven't planned for Halloween!

For me, no Halloween is ever complete unless or until I have seen someone dressed as the friendly neighborhood spiderman. Spiderman also has multiple versions of it. And with the Miles Morales spiderman out, I am living for the inclusivity! So here is what will be my fail-safe pick this year. I am going to order myself a spiderman black suit jacket. The jacket will go great with any all-black ensemble that I wear. In fact, I am looking forward to sporting this jacket even when Halloween is over. However, I am thinking of pairing it with skinny black tights and baggy shorts to mimic Miles Morales’ swag. 


Seven Halloween costumes for people who haven't planned for Halloween!

Logan, AKA Wolverine, has been my all-time favorite X-Men. From his grungy motorbiker look to the tight suit, this character has given quite a lot of looks. But I won’t be caught dead in the orange-yellow onesie he has been seen wearing. So for me, it would definitely be getting a black leather jacket and pairing it with washed-out jeans. Preferably in dark colors because, let’s be honest, Logan is not a charming little daisy. And I will be ordering some claws, or better yet, use the aluminum my mother has lying around in the kitchen to make me the signature wolverine claws.


Seven Halloween costumes for people who haven't planned for Halloween!

Though everyone loves a good hero, what people are mostly attracted to nowadays is the antagonist. The bad boy charm works wonders. For me, it’s not just about being a bad boy. But it is the constant battle with your morality that makes you an appealing character. And Deadpool is the epitome of questionable morals! The best part is that this character never fakes that he has it all figured out. When he has messed up, he panics. When he is stuck in a rut, he gets scared. No matter how bad the situation gets, he never fakes that he is not panicking. And that’s what makes him so real. Well, that and the Deadpool costume jacket! It looks great on and is easy to style and carry. 


Seven Halloween costumes for people who haven't planned for Halloween!

Another anti-hero from the marvel universe is Gambit. This character is insanely charming. I mean, he has a french accent, so that alone says a lot about him. The character is also a flirtatious charmer and hustles his way into big crowds. And most importantly, his costume is very basic. The costume mainly consists of contact lenses and a large beige trench coat, along with fingerless gloves through which your fingers peek out. Oh, and carry a deck of cards for good measure also along with boots. This is not only an outfit that is an ear for Halloween, but also a costume that I can easily wear on a daily basis. 

Lex Luthor.

Seven Halloween costumes for people who haven't planned for Halloween!

This one is going to be fun. Super easy to wear. It requires minimum effort. It can be assembled in minutes and is very easy to carry during Halloween costume parties. All you need is to wear a bald cap. That’s it. Wear a bald cap with a coat suit. And you are good to go. But focus a lot on your gait. Your walk needs to be flawless. Lex Luthor is all about carrying his charm in a suave manner. He does not take backtalk from anyone. A huge part of his costume is his silent charm, so make sure you keep that intact. The character is the most basic one you can wear for this Halloween. 

Night wing

Seven Halloween costumes for people who haven't planned for Halloween

Another Halloween jacket that you can wear is the Nightwing jacket. Now the night wing is the epitome of independence. It does not work on orders; rather, he prefers delivering those orders. He works on the rage. He works on the agenda. Isn’t that just the type of man you would love to have around you? His entire outfit is a mix of black and blue. And the best part that I like about his outfit is his goggle-like mask. So to pull off the Nightwing look, you will, of course, need a full black ensemble. The blacker it is, the better. The costume would be complete if you could carry a quarterstaff with it. And don’t forget the black combat boots and the utility belt.


There you have it. Seven fail-safe Halloween costume ideas for this year that will have you looking grand. These are superb outfits that will be readily available even when you forget to shop for Halloween costumes this year. The outfits are easy to assemble and can be worn for daily occasions too. This made me incline towards them even more. Because now I know that not only do I don’t have to worry about costly outfits, I also don’t have to worry about the fact that it may be a useless buy. So for me, a Halloween costume is only ever worth it if you can buy it at the right price and can actually wear it all year round. And I want all of that, along with compliments from all of my peers on my Halloween costume at Halloween parties. 

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