Pull-off A Badass Biker Look This Halloween!

Biker Halloween Costume

The day when ghosts and witches merry is just around the corner. Stand up and start following the Halloween drill before it gets too late. What is your mind pointing you towards? Spooky, fun, or something super-chic? Well, it is not mandatory for you to always go for ‘your-thing,’ this year, dare to add some edginess in your personality and choose a Biker Halloween Costume. You may not be a biker, but having some fun with their costumes wouldn’t harm anyone. So, buckle-up and follow this guide to nail the perfect look this Ghouls’ Night Out.

Find A Leather Outerwear:

The essential part of a biker’s costume is a top layer. Jackets have a built-in feature to lift your look and also smooth out any flaw. A jacket either expensive or that cost penny; both would give you the same bossy Biker Halloween Costumeappearance that you need. A leather jacket is the choice of a genius, but if you want to go for something light, then a denim jacket is a relatively cool alternative.

Go for some jackets inspired by some characters from the entertainment world. An Arkham Knight Red Hooded Leather Jacket is an impeccable option to get a kickass biker look. The jacket is made of distressed leather with a viscose lining to keep you comfy in the crowded Halloween party. Also, the color is red and black with a hood as well – what can be better than this?

Or if you want to stay with the classic black leather, then a Negan Walking Dead Jacket is all that you need. The look that Jeffrey Dean Morgan nailed in The Walking Dead was the perfect criminal portrayal. You can still get a biker outlook with this jacket by keeping the same intimidating personality with you. Now, if you have chosen a jacket, let’s move forward.

A Tough Bottom:

Bikers, either women or men, wear a thick pair of denim jeans, although many go for leather pants. These pants keep them protected from any roughness of the weather. Keep in mind that you are not an actual biker, so leather pants aren’t necessary for your Halloween Biker Costume. Go for jeans in black or dark blue – not skinny as you will look like a punk or junkie more rather than a biker. Keep them skin-fit straight or choose a boot-cut one to look like a real biker.

If you are still willing to go for leather pants, buy one thick on the knees, and lose overall. They will look classy with theNegan Walking Dead Jacket as both are in black. Now, it’s time to complete your outfit.

Complete Your Outfit:

It is easier for a gym freak to gell into a biker look than other people having a cute bulging belly. If you are a fit person with no belly, you must go for a simple basic color t-shirt underneath the jacket. It would look super-trendy with a touch of classiness. You can go for a tee for other people, but staying with a shirt, preferably a checkered shirt, would be the right choice.

Just wear a distressed, old, and rough inner, and it would go perfectly with your jacket. An alternative for a jacket is a coat like an Elder Maxson Fallout 4 Leather Coat, worn by Arthur in Fallout 4. This coat looks so sophisticated yet kickass that you can style it in a biker style easily. As you won’t be riding a bike at the Halloween party, obviously – so this is the edge that you were looking for!

Complement your look with a pair of leather boots that cover your ankles too. Stay with black or brown. A note: guys could go for boots which end at their mid-calves, and ladies’ boots could go till the knees.


Bikers love chains, rings, and bracelets that would look dope with the Arkham Knight Red Hooded Leather Jacket. They represent their free and ‘no-one-can-harm-me’ attitudes. Skull-themed accessories spice their looks to an infinity, showing their fearlessness to the whole world. A tattoo goes with their look too. Wristbands, studs, earrings, pendants – all of them on the theme of Goth or dragons and tigers.

A motorcycle bandana would complement your overall biker appearance so well that even you would be surprised to see yourself in the mirror. Well, if you love some craziness and unusual combinations are your thing, then style all of the above things in the same way. But instead of a jacket, wear a Suicide Squad Joker Crocodile Leather Coat as your top layer to the Halloween party. Edgy much?

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