Rough and Rugged Men’s Costumes

Ruff Rough and Rugged Men's Costumes

The only way you can win a costume contest is to be the most kickass character! Audiences love their villains and bad boys; the rugged persona of an anti-hero is always very fascinating to the fans. Before you start preparing for the upcoming events, make sure you have a costume for the biggest event of the year – Halloween!

The gruesome world of The Walking Dead is the perfect place to start looking for a costume. The cast and crew have made a terrific TV show that fits the theme perfectly. Black leather top layers like Rick Grimes Walking Dead Jacket and ripped inner layers and jeans are the most common articles. Since the actors wear simple clothes most of the time with many gores around them, it is pretty easy to dress up like them.

Without the scary look of a fighter, this cosplay is useless. You have to exhibit your worst in the best possible way if you select a character from The Walking Dead. Bad boys are not short in the market. Riverdale’s biker gang, Southside Serpents, has a group of boys that fit well with the description you desire!

Compared to The Walking Dead, the small town of Riverdale is better since it has more humans than zombies! The Jughead Serpents Jacket is the highlight of the series with an embroidered patch at the back that scares the commoners and lures the fans of the series. Jughead’s character from Archie Comics is irresistible.

These outfits inspired by famous TV series are also picked by celebrities. The well-known names of the industry are in the same boat as us when appreciating the content on the TV. There is no doubt that horror series or the ones with the bad boys are not the only places you can start with, but they give you a pretty good idea about what you want.

The Celebrity Halloween Costumes that everyone cannot stop gushing over are often the same ones you want for yourself. Without any second guesses, get your hands on the iconic pieces showcased by your favorite TV stars! There is no better time than Halloween to channel your inner fanboy or fangirl for the world to see. Take advantage of this exciting event and let yourself marvel in the world of cosplays!

One of the common misconceptions that heroes are the saviors flew out of the window with the increased appearances of anti-heroes in the movies. The hot demand of Venom Tom Hardy Leather Jacket is proof enough that people are as much head over heels for bad boys as they are with superheroes. The comparison is pretty useless because every character has its place in the comic world.

Venoms hate for Spider-Man has made him an object of fascination for every fan. He is complex, and yet he exhibits likable traits too. No wonder he is popular for being an interesting choice for cosplay events. His costume comes with a mask that enhances the sinister vibes of the room instantly!

In the list of complicated characters, Joker wins every single time. From the time of his first movie adaptation to the one released last year, Joker has stayed an ambiguous character with lots of bits and pieces of a complex past. The Joker Crocodile Purple Leather Coat introduced in Suicide Squad by Jared Leto is a winner when someone appears in this outfit.

There is no room for doubts when it comes to Joker, he is a criminal mastermind crowned as the king of chaos erupting in Gotham city. No one, not even his fellows, can match him in creating destruction. He can set the city on fire with his brain alone!

All these recommendations come with a responsibility – to portray these characters in their truest elements. You cannot change their evil side or make it better so that it attracts more crowds. These comic characters are evil from the core and will probably stay like that in the coming film. For the other two they are the protagonists with their good and bad moments!

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