Parker Posey Lost In Space black quilted leather jacket

The all famous TV series “Lost In Space” is back on Netflix in a new style and if you haven’t yet seen it then don’t wait anymore and just log in to your Netflix account and start this show right away. Now, if you are someone who has seen the 1998 film “ Lost In Space ” then there’s no doubt in the fact that you will be excited to see the Robinsons back on screen. But what’s more exciting is the addition of a new character, Parker Posey who plays Dr. Zachary Smith.

For Parker Posey, the offer to play Dr. Smith in the Netflix reboot of Lost In Space was the most exciting news of her life. There’s no doubt in the fact that the character of Dr. Zachary played by Jonathan Harris was the best part about the 1998’s film and well, it has been quite challenging for Posey to fill in space but honestly, right now she is nailing her role in the new show.

“As a five- and six-year-old, I woke up before the sun would come up on Sundays and I would wait [for Lost in Space],” Posey said during io9’s visit to the set of the new Netflix series. “I remember the black-and-white static shift to color bars when Lost in Space came on. It was part of my Sunday thing.”- Parker Posey


Dr. Zachary Smith


From the Lost In Space Dr. Zachary Smith quilted jacket to his comedic touch in the movie, Parker Posey is playing it all well and she is carrying the character in the best possible way. Now, honestly, Jonathan Harris was the one who made the audience love the character of Dr. Smith just due to his comedy skills because, on the whole, Dr. Smith was a coward person who always cared about himself and what he wanted.

Posey right now is playing the character in the best possible way and people are loving her mixture of comedy and evil. She has taken the concept of Nefarious Scientist Type to a whole another level and honestly, her acting skills are to die for.


Lost In Space Dr. Zachary Smith quilted jacket


“I’m being as real as I can, but I can’t help but be funny,” she said. “I just want scenes with a robot. And can I wear a jumpsuit?”

Now, before you start watching the show, let us tell you one thing that the character of Posey isn’t anything similar to the one played by Harris in the 1998 film. Posey has been changed from a doctor to a therapist now and yes, there are several different things you will find in the character of Dr. Zachary Smith. Also, let us warn you because the outfits worn by Pose in the reboot are just worth drooling over. Especially the Parker Posey Lost In Space black quilted leather jacket is something to die for!

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