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The much-anticipated remake of the iconic 1960s TV show Lost in Space hit the screens earlier this year through the worldwide streaming network Netflix. It was always going to be a big ask to replicate the same feel and attraction as well as scale the same heights of popularity that the original series was able to achieve more than half a century ago. But, a modern version of the series has done well enough to warrant our attention. We sat down with the show’s young starlet Mina Sundwall (who plays the character Penny Robinson) to have a chat about the show, the different outfits she and other cast members adorn on set, and what was it like filming action scenes for the very first time.


At just 17 years of age, Mina Sundwall is well on her way to becoming everyone’s favorite redhead teen heroine. The New York native has got some serious acting chops and she is definitely one to watch out for in the coming years. Not only that, her style and fashion sense is on point too, exemplified perfectly by the Mina Sundwall Lost in Space Penny Robinson Jacket. Born and raised on the East Coast, Mina lives and breathes the performing arts; motion pictures in particular. And there is no shortage of stuff that inspires her.


Mina Sundwall Lost in Space Penny Robinson JacketMina Sundwall Lost in Space Penny Robinson Jacket


Mina considers New York, the city she adores, as her creative canvas and does not hesitate to let her imagination run wild. She sums up the iconic city of her birth in the following words.

“New York is like a movie itself. You can just get on the subway on your way to school and see that everyone around is a fully formed fictional character. Inspiration is all over the place. And what’s fascinating is that it is in every little detail.”

Mina has had her heart set on the creative arts for as long as she can remember. Back when she was just 3, Mina used to put on dramatic shows in her family’s living room with intricate storylines and many dolls with different voices and characters.

“I love being a different individual in different scenarios, though this did get me in trouble a few times. Once a teacher of mine called up my mom at home to find out about some great new adventure I had said my family was supposedly embarking on.”


Penny Robinson Lost in Space Jacket



For someone who is pretty new to action sequences and special effects, filming Lost in Space has been an incredibly exciting experience. Mina calls it a systematic learning experience where she was able to pick up quite a few things and hone her craft.

Just like the original series back in the sixties, this Netflix remake of Lost in Space also brings some very exciting and eye-catching outfits, the most popular among them being the Penny Robinson Lost in Space Jacket. If you are a fan of the show and would like to own a similar jacket, then you need to check out the following item.


Lost in Space


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“I want to learn how to find a story in every written page.”

(Mina Sundwall)

It remains to be seen whether Mina Sundwall goes on to have a long and successful career on screen or not. But the early signs are promising and her performance in the first season of Netflix’s Lost in Space has put her in good stead.