Joker Fans Club: What You Are Going To Pick From His Closet?

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Getting the love of people isn’t always for heroes; some villains enjoy the adoration too. If you have already started thinking about the great Clown Prince of Crime, The Joker, then welcome to the club! People have been admiring Joker for years now. The thing that makes him the hottest among people is his dressing. He usually opts for a suit or outerwear, like Jared Leto wore a Joker Crocodile Purple Leather Coat in Suicide Squad, and the way he carries them stuns the public. He blends the attires into his evil personality that gives him the perfect goofy killer look. With his fantastic outfit evolution over a while, the iconic Joker laugh is still the same!

First On-Screen Appearance In 1966

Joker first observed in the comic book “Batman#1” in 1940. Since then, he has left immortal remarks on the minds of people. In 1966, we saw Joker’s first on-screen version. The role was played by Cesar Romero beautifully. The iconic Joker red-blooded smile followed by the green hair and white makeup looked the same as we read about in the books.

His costume involved a pink suit worn over a pink vest and green shirt. He accessorized the outfit with a black-tie worn in double loops. He opted for pink gloves and completed the look with black shoes and the creepiest smile!

Batman Movie (1989)

Before Heath Ledger, Jack Nicholson was the people’s most favorite Joker. You would be amazed to know that he used more than 350 silicone made prosthetics to get that perfect Joker smile. Nicholson chose many top layers to achieve his iconic look. He wore a blue vest over an orange shirt and finished the layering with a purple long cotton jacket, accessorized the outfit with a purple magician hat, a cane, and a blue cummerbund. For footwear, he chose purple shoes. This Joker look is the spookiest one for your Halloween!

Birds Of Prey (2002)

In 2002, we saw Roger Stoneburner fulfilling the duties of Joker in the famous American TV series ‘Birds of Prey.’ He just appeared in the pilot of the series in a flashback scene and shot the Batgirl, provoking a war with Batman. His costume was nothing extra than the standard Joker outfit. You can achieve Roger’s look with the minimalist efforts by just wearing a purple coat over an orange shirt. Put on the iconic white makeup face, green hair, and the blood-red exaggerated smile.

The Dark Knight (2008)

The Joker that we all love the most! Heath Ledger’s costume is the best one out there that is suitable for all costume parties, cosplays, and Halloweens! The costume involved a green vest worn over a black hexagon printed shirt. The outfit topped with a purple trench coat and black dress pants for the bottoms. The look accessorized with a tie, black gloves, and a pocket knife. The finishing touch comes with a green wig and the perfect white Joker makeup. Let the blood drop from your mouth and ace the costume look!

Gotham (2015-2019)

In 2015, we saw Cameron Monaghan as Joker in the TV series Gotham. His costume involved no suits and tuxedos! Just get a black and white striped prison dress, put some SFX stitches makeup on your face, and handcuff your hands to don his look. Don’t forget to put some hairspray on your hair and look like a complete psychopath. This Joker remained in the spotlight for four years, with the series ending in 2019.

Suicide Squad (2016)
Joker’s costume took a significant turn in 2016 when we saw Jared Leto wearing a crocodile trench coat in ‘Suicide Squad.’ The standard Joker look took an emo vibe with tattoos, metal teeth, and gold chain. His costume involved a trench coat, a white shirt, purple gloves and shoes, and a cane. Go for this costume and get an edge from others.

Joker (2019)

Joaquin Phoenix is the latest Oscar-winning Joker who stole screen timings for many months by his movie Joker in 2019. He nailed the look so perfectly that it made us forget every Joker that we saw before. His costume involves a red Arthur Fleck Joker suit worn over a blue shirt. A pair of brown shoes finished off the look so well.

Joker’s sadistic witty personality and wicked smile make him the symbol of “Freedom” amongst the masses. People love how he does whatever he wants to do without fearing anyone- not even Batman. So, enjoy the freedom in your favorite Joker costume!