Let the Cosplay Game Begin: Keep the Trends Streamlined!

TMF - Blog - Let the Cosplay Game Begin Keep the Trends Streamlined

Cosplays are going to be the new hot topic in the coming days. Cosplays defined as the costume plays, in which people appeared as their favorite characters. Wearing exact costumes and accessories cosplayers try their best to duplicate their character from books, comics, series, games, movies, and animes.

Cosplayers also sometimes portrayed their beloved personality on the stage. They are famous in Japan, but they have been a part of the whole world a long time ago. From sci-fi and horror movie characters to manga and comics, cosplays give you a variety of ideas to dress up as your favorite persona.
Here are some inspiring and fun ideas for your trendy cosplays outfits.

Animes are the most significant part of Japanese history. They are famous today. Thus, they have great costumes ideas. They are easier to carry. Usually, you find them already in your closet, so it’s stress-free to pull off an anime character.

For instance, Akira jacket is the classic anime from the ’90s, which turned the expectations for anime much higher than they were. Still, after many years it has a great impact on animes and lives.
Style your red Akira jacket with any white monochromatic outfit or white tees with denim.

The capsule and quote on the back compliment the look of a complete biker, make your look more interesting by adding some proper biker accessories. Well, Akira isn’t the only one, Ciel Phantomhive from black butler is also easy to duplicate.

An oversize black coat with black shorts and formal off-white or white shirts, pair your dress with knee-high socks and boots. If you want to dig into that role, make your hair like it; otherwise, just a little makeup will also work. Naruto is also the most beloved character from anime.

Naruto belongs to the manga series, and it has many outfits. Naruto’s orange and blue symbolic outfit with spiked golden hair and proper accessories to make it classier. The outfit of Luffy from One piece is very easy going and breezy. The sleeveless red top with denim shorts and hats. So minimalistic!

Though cosplays originate from Japan, they have spread their wings in other countries too. That brings more and more new characters to represent. Like from the television series. Television is an excellent source of entertainment, plus it gives us a whole new range of costumes.

For instance, the best cosplay dress would be from the series the vampire diaries. You can get dressed as a vampire with all your friends and attend such parties with ease. The dark monochromatic outfits and spooky makeup are enough for your appearance as a vampire.

You can choose to be a mind flayer from Stranger Things. If that is so spooky and effort taking for you, then Ahoy! Dress as cute Steve Harrington. In a mood for little peacocking, then go as dapper and sexy Billy Hargrove. The ladies gonna be all over you the whole evening.

Another thriller and mystery show is Riverdale. The best thing about the show Riverdale is its cast. All characters are so beautiful. They carried their outfits so classily and left everyone awestruck. Whether it is a college wardrobe with tees and varsity jackets or the sexy and bold biker look with Southside serpents jacket, every look was well portrayed.

The series is wholesome. If you are a fan of college boys with no other strings attached, get in the outfit of Archie Andrews. His dresses were pretty simple and mainly consisted of varsity jackets with tees and pants of different kinds. Easy peasy! But there is always one suspicious guy in the series who gives off some dark vibes.

That guy is Jughead Jones, the sun of Southside serpent F.P Jones. Like father like son, later in the series Jughead also joined his father’s biker gang. He started wearing Southside serpents jacket. To carry off his look, wear beanies, hoodies, and oversize denim and pair your outfit with this jacket. Reveal the real low-key gangsta in you and go for this attire anytime.

Wear these all outfits at cosplays and enjoy a little time away from the real world. You are not bound to these, keep experimenting, and discovering new ideas.