A Jacket In Need Is A Friend Indeed!

A Jacket In Need Is A Friend Indeed!

What is the first thing that comes to your mind whenever you hear the word ‘outfit savior’? A jacket! These top layers are in the mainstream of fashion since the start of it. Many designers and fashion experts adopted this outerwear as soon as the trend started. Well, calling the soldiers fighting in the jets, the actual trendsetter of styling jackets wouldn’t be wrong.

Initially crafted for the safety purposes for the combatants fighting in the extreme temperatures, this top layer is now seen styled up with a Halloween Dress at the biggest fun party sighting in October. Not just that, people have now started wearing it for their everyday outings and get-togethers and even for just a walk with their pets. Jackets are the top layers, which became an immediate necessity for everyone’s closets, leaving every other top layer way behind.

In these strange times, many jackets having some weird vibes are also seen in the stores. Yes, you can call them weird, but they are not-so-weird for some craze-loving fashionistas. A Halloween Dress being paired with a ripped designed jacket with skulls and dragons embroidered on it is a new thing in the market, and people are welcoming it wholeheartedly. Well, if you are not a weirdo and love everything classy and simple, then these jackets are not going to leave you alone here too.

You might have also come across some customized jackets which are just stealing the spotlight from all the basic jackets. Let’s dive into some of them to look trendy because they come on; everyone wants that. Do you remember the Eddie Brock Venom Leather Jacket from the standalone movie ‘Venom’ in 2018? Yes – the same classy jacket that Tom Hardy donned as the comic character Eddie Brock.

Although the jacket is an ordinary one, the charismatic personality of Tom makes it what it is. The glossy shine and gorgeous cuts complimented his attractive facial features so beautifully that made every girl drooling over him. He wore this Eddie Brock Venom Leather Jacket casually with jeans, basic t-shirts, and sneakers – and gave us a whole new relaxed outfit for upcoming casual events.

Another jacket that is the perfect portrayal of the combination of coolness and classiness. Having a dope fusion of two colors – red and black – the Arkham Knight Red Hooded Leather Jacket inspired by the second Robin, Jason Todd. This jacket can be an alternative for you for the Joker and Captain America costumes, which you wear in the costume parties. Just wear this jacket with black jeans and sneakers and ace another casual look with the trendiest customized jackets.

Swoon all your outfit blues away and wear a jacket over your basic outfit to your workplace instead of the boring suits and tuxedos. These jackets are the comfiest attires that gel with anything for anywhere. But if you still want to stay stuck with the three-pieces, how about the Arthur Fleck Joker Suit? The same red suit that the recent Joaquin Phoenix Joker rocked in the Oscar-winning Joker.

It will go with not just the Casual or Fun-Fridays at your office but will also compliment the birthday parties, fun parties, and the semi-formal cocktail parties. Well, Joker paired it with a yellow vest, greenish-blue shirt, and the same iconic white face makeup with a big creepy smile.

You can’t do that to your workplaces, or simply anywhere you have to appear normal! So, style this vibrant red-colored Arthur Fleck Joker Suit with a monochrome shirt to balance colors. Slip-on a fine pair of shoes and rock your new fun and refreshing look everywhere!

You can even go for a coat, either short-length or a long one. The hottest customized top-layer is a Fallout 4 Elder Maxson Coat taken from the main protagonist of the popular video game of the same name. The coat is a long one – a trench coat – having a smooth finish and a combatant vibe. All in all, this coat can also be replaced with a jacket – as per your mood!

The best part about a jacket is that it requires just a few efforts from you. There is no need to go extravagant with this top layer; stay in your comfort zone, pair it with what you have on-hand, and see your personality glamming up instantly.

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