Spend Halloween With Your Favorite Heroes!

Spend Halloween With Your Favorite Heroes!

Halloween fun gets multiplied with the company of friends and family. The 31st of October feels like a breath of fresh air in the exhausting daily routine. The drill remains the same every year – find a costume, set up games, bake soul cakes, and dance the heart out. What is the main part of you? The costume selection, right!

The life of the real Halloween fun resides in the costume. Where there are thousands of Halloween Costume Ideas 2020 roaming on the internet, some of us still waste a lot of time in this confusion. So, this year, how about imitating our favorite characters? This is the most genius way and good news – the latest trend as well! Save your time and energy to invest it in enjoying the night by going for these amazing costumes exclusively inspired by your beloved heroes.


Negan – the violent man from the popular post-apocalypse TV series, ‘The Walking Dead.’ The character dressed in a motorcycle jacket – call it a Negan Leather Jacket – was played by the very charismatic Jeffrey Dean Morgan. He did justice to every aspect of it. He gelled so well into the character that everybody fell in love with the attractive villain, despite being the real problem causer for Rick and the co.

Some credit does go to the classy jacket as well. The glossy exterior with the gorgeous asymmetrical design is just outstanding. He styled it with a red scarf around the neck and black pants as the bottom as he was a criminal, so all-black. The Negan Leather Jacket looked even classier with the sleek gel hair. You can take this brutal man to your Halloween party by copying everything just like him!


The two most popular jackets for Halloween are the red Akira Jacket and the black, gloomy Serpents jacket from Riverdale. These jackets provide you with an alternative by coming up in two entirely different colors – vibrant red for all the funky lovers and the subtle black for the simple ones.

The jacket that was Kaneda’s identity and his biker gang in Akira has a capsule embroidered on the back. The classy motorcycle jacket has a smooth finish and sharp cuts that are desired by the bikers. So, biker or not, style this Akira Jacket with jeans or leather pants and attain an ideal kickass biker appearance.

The other jacket has a green snake embedded on the back that would depict the dark hidden side of yours very beautifully. The jacket has a shiny black exterior to give you the perfect all-black costume that bikers wear. Pair this Riverdale Serpents Jacket with black jeans or leather pants, and for extra points, add a head bandana and chains to your look.


Let’s put a smile on the faces by showing up in the suit of the legendary character from the DC world – Joker! He knows the art of ruling not just the cinematic screens but also the hearts of the people despite being a supervillain. Entertaining us for decades now, Joker and his famous tuxedo suits are loved by all.

Purple seems like Joker’s color, but a red Joker Costume Suit in the standalone Joker movie was spotted recently. Joaquin Pheonix turned the tables with his terrific performance by looking as handsome as ever in the funky colored suit. The red suit was paired with a yellow vest and turquoise shirt – a hard combination to look well in, but Joaquin, you are the man!

It’s totally up to you which color you want to choose; Joker would not make you unhappy. Rock Heath’s Joker in the purple Joker Costume Suit paired with a green vest or Jared’s one in a purple crocodile coat by wearing it directly on the skin – the ball is in your court!

All these breathtaking costumes are the hottest ones at the moment. Nail a solo performance in any of them or go with your friends and family collective theme; these costumes would serve you anyway. The best part – in these outfits, you will exactly like your favorite hero. All of them are included in the Halloween Costume Ideas 2020, so come on, shake a leg, or you are going to be late!

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