8 Best Places to Spend the Christmas Holiday in the United States

8 Best Places to Spend the Christmas Holiday in the United States

From the lighting streets to the decorated houses and trees, Christmas takes us back to our childhood days when the perception of the existence of Uncle Santa sounded real and we had to wait for the long-bearded men to bring us our dream toys wrapped up in papers.

For a candies lover like me, it reminds me of those sweets and chocolates that I could have stocked for a couple of weeks. Nevertheless, we all have our own childhood memories attached to the yearly holiday that brings us closer to each other. The traditional festival has been a great source of entertainment for the families to spend some time together while saying bye-bye to the stressful life for a few days.

So, if you have been Bored of spending the Christmas holiday in your hometown like every other year, just book your ticket and fly to one of these 7 places to have an experience like never before.


Worlds’ largest city by size, New York tops the list for having the most number of concrete structured decorated with colorful light bulbs. Nothing bores you in NYC at all! However, if anything does, you head to the Rockefeller Tree and feel refreshed due to the lighting and the massive number of people gathered for ice skating. On the other hand, there is a long list of other venues in NYC where you can have the same amount of fun among a great crowd. Since NYC is America’s financial hub, you could witness people from all around the world celebrating centuries-old tradition according to their own versions.

The North Pole, Alaska 

A small yet beautiful city located in the state of Alaska offers a live view of a giant Santa Claus statue attracting visitors from all around the United States. The North Pole could be a great place to spend Christmas in the freezing temperatures and making your kids familiar with the real-life uncle Santa. Since the extreme fall of temperature might serve to be an obstacle, you could still enjoy the weather by donning the Ivana Milicevic Love Actually Christmas Hooded Outfit with ease.

Washington D.C

The capital city offering light installations and amazingly decorated structures is one of the best places to make your Christmas holidays special. During the festival, a number of streets, houses, roads and public places are filled with light bulbs attracting first-time visitors. From parties to the live events, the city offers a lot more than just you could imagine. With the national Christmas tree lighting throughout the month, you can have great fun in the national capital without caring much about the politics.

Orlando, Florida

Home to Disneyland, Orlando is yet another awesome destination to spend the holiday. There is nothing better other than dancing along with the Mickey mouse and attending the special Christmas themed party where the attendees get to witness the cartoon characters dancing and cheering up the crowd. The world of Disney is full of wonders for the kids to be amazed, hence, you gotta give it a try for the sake of your beloved kids. Unsure about Santa Claus’ presence, but you could don The Christmas Chronicles Goldie Hawn Shearling Hooded Coat to participate on behalf of the old bearded man.


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Whether you have German ancestry or are in love with the German people, make sure to visit the largest German market outside the Western European country where Christmas is celebrated like no other. From foods, cards to the bulbs and all the stuff needed for the decoration of the tree, you can find almost anything in the market at comparatively cheaper prices than the rest of the markets in the U.S. Stepping into the market will make you believe if you have entered mini Germany within the U.S with majority of the shoppers usually belonging from the said country.

Santa Claus, Indiana

Nicknamed America’s Christmas Hometown, the city of Santa Claus is among the top three best destinations in the western hemisphere to have a wonderful holiday during the month of happiness. In case you have been trying to figure out what the city offers, let me help before you have to go through tons of blogs. The Santa Claus Parade and Festival of Lights are one of the few breathtaking events held every single year in the month of December. But wait, you definitely need to have an extra layer like the Elizabeth Bennett Christmas at Pemberley Manor Red Coat to stay warm enough and beat the winter.

Bernville, Pennsylvania

Ever been into a village only for the sake of welcoming the month of Santa Claus? If your answer is negative, how about visiting Koziar’s village to be amazed by the creativity which has been open since the 2nd of November. Don’t worry, even if you run out of chocolates and candies, there is a bakery there to fulfill your needs and put a full stop the cravings. Take a tour of the artificial village and you will realize there is nothing better other than spending Christmas in a village such as Burnsville. This might also help you figure out a few differences between the way the rural and urban worlds celebrate the day.

Leavenworth, Washington

If you love spending the Christmas night up on a mountain valley with all the basic facilities available, this Bavarian village could be the real deal. It takes only a few days for the city to be transformed into a fully functional Christmas celebration town with shopping malls, toy shops, cards centers, and the bakeries located right at the heart of the valley. Surrounded by the mountains, the village also offers sledding, ice skating, and a food street to taste the local food. You can consider wearing the Carol Vanstone Office Christmas Party Coat if being invited to a party.

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