31 Dec New Year’s Celebrations

31 Dec New Year's Celebrations

Inarguably, the last day of the month of December proves to be an opportunity for the entire world to welcome the New Year in an unforgettable way. From as far as the North Korean peninsula to the South American nations situated at the bank of the Pacific Ocean, the concept of the New Year’s Party is pretty general.

The most common phenomenon of the New Year’s celebrations is the fireworks lightning the sky and filling it with unnumbered colors. Whether you talk of the Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida or the Arab populated city of Dubai, fireworks are the most entertaining part of the celebrations.

If you live in the United States or even planning to step into the land of opportunities, there are countless spots you can visit to give yourself a high dose of entertainment on New Year’s Eve.

New Orleans Could Be Your First Priority

The wide and deep Mississippi River hosts the largest fireworks show at the point of New Orleans. Take a boat in the deep river offering dinner and drinks and enjoy the beautiful surroundings dominated by nature. The awesome scenery offers a breathtaking live visual of the fireworks after midnight. All you have to do is be patient to hear the explosions indicating the current year is a past thing now. Is it gonna cost more than an average party? Hello no, unless you buy a luxurious package or wanna spend in the extremely expensive alcohol brands.

New Orleans

Head to the Popular Grand Park Located in Downtown Los Angeles

LA is home to the Hollywood industry which means that you may get a chance to see a lot of popular faces present at the Grand Park for the fireworks. Nevertheless, even if you don’t care about showbiz celebrities, you may still give it a try as the crowd is massive making it harder for you to move even a hundred meters. For more entertainment, the organizers make sure to make possible the participation of the DJs, renowned singers and dancers to kill the boredom.

No City Can Compete the New York City

The most expensive city, the largest one and the financial hub of the world, New York City offers over a dozen New Year’s shows in various hotels. Usually booked by the VIPs, these hotels offer a glorious experience with live music, professional entertainers and dance parties. In addition, if you don’t wanna be caged in a concrete building, you can take a taxi to Times Square to witness one of the largest fireworks shows in the United States while ensuring you have donned a Leather Jacket to beat the New York’s harsh winter.

New York City

Caution: The metropolitan world of NYC is so attractive that you could find it impossible to leave for home.

Las Vegas Isn’t a Bad Option Though

Home to hundreds of casinos, Las Vegas could serve as the best destination to start your year with. Now, I didn’t mean to emphasize you to play poker rather I am attempting to make you understand the worth of the city of lights. On the joyous occasion of the New Year, every single casino, hotel, and even the restaurant transforms into a structure covered by light bulbs. In fact, you would rarely find a building with no lights bulbs on it. Considering your utmost goal is to have great fun in terms of having a lavish dinner, a few drinks with a friend or your girlfriend in the bar and live visuals of the fireworks, Las Vegas is a great place to welcome the year.

You can plan up your trip depending upon your likes and your credit card’s capacity to bear the financial burden you would impose upon it. If this has inspired you, it would be wise enough to start planning from now onwards with a proper calculation of the expenses. 

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