7 Movies To Spice Up Your Wardrobe!

7 Movies To Spice Up Your Wardrobe!

Sure, you must have plenty of ways to get fashion inspirations — from fashion magazines, runways to Instagram feed and street styles — though at the same time. You also have something that’ll provide you great ideas for Movie Leather Jackets while giving you a great way to spend your time. Yes, we are talking about movies. Movies have a great power of taking you to the world where you can’t go in actual.

They give you a greater way to kill your free time by providing you a great experience. While you are at it, watching movies feed two birds with one scone, and take notes for some movie-inspired outfits to charge up your wardrobe game. Well, if you are confused about which outfit you should go for, here are seven outfits to give you the chic outfits’ influence.


Queen and Slim is the movie that brings out the youthful and desirable designs with all the high-end fashionable casual clothing. This movie is based on two young people named Queen and Slim, whose date got unexpectedly wrong with a minor traffic violation. A police officer stops them, and everything turned upside down when Slim shoots the police officer with a police officer’s gun while defending himself. This thrilling-drama and the romantic movie will serve you with some classy, sassy, and fancy casual wear such as tracksuits, tank tops, turtlenecks, and slim-fit jeans.


The green dress from this movie has stuck into our minds that we can’t stop thinking about that dress. Atonement is based on a novel with a quite sad and tragic story of two lovers separated because of another woman’s involvement in their lives. Jacqueline Durran sure had the idea of what she is getting into, and that is why she designed every dress with sheer perfection. Though the green silk dress is the perfect embodiment of femininity and class, and to date, this dress is a wonder. If you plan on wearing something sensual and sexy, then this eye candy green dress could be great for you.


Marrie Antoinette is the movie with the best costume design award from the 79th Academy awards. This movie begins with a dreamy story of an Australian princess where she marries a French prince and soon turns into a French queen; the second half of the film is a little tragic as the princess loses her head in it. As this movie revolves around the princess and queens, the whole wardrobe was put-together with dreamy gowns and royal outfits. Milena Canonero brought royalty to life with gowns, hairstyles, sandals, and gloves. If you want to go with something that brings out the inner princess in you, the movie is the greatest inspiration.


For a complete holiday wardrobe, nothing is better than watching A Bigger Splash. This movie brings out all kinds of comfy dresses you can wear during the holidays in remote places or even during summer. With bigger names like Tilda Swinton and Dakota Johnson, this movie was supposed to be a hit. It follows the story of a couple who got away on an island, later intruded by some unwelcomed guests. You’ll find so many outfits in this movie to inspire you, from biker jackets, long dresses to bikinis. Everything about this movie’s wardrobe is perfect.


This is not just any casual movie with fashion ideas, and The Devil Wears Prada is the ultimate guide towards fashion, a film that circles only one thing, fashionable outfits. This movie features outfits that are just dreamy and eye-candy to watch. From interviews to weddings, you will find so many ideas to recreate from this movie. This movie has set the bars so high for any other fashion-oriented movie.


You can not make a list of movies with perfect style without mentioning Sex and The City in it. This movie gives major outfit goals to every fashion lover. It shows the story of four women changing their lives, and all four characters have donned some chich outfits that you can still wear even after the decade. If you want some sturdy feminine outfits to wear, this movie will lookup for.


This movie may channel the inner guilty shopaholic in every one of you. This movie follows a girl who has a shopping addiction like many gals, though it turns out to be toxic for her as she went into debt and ended up losing her job. Well, this movie might give you a lesson about spending less on irrelevant shopping. Still, it will also give you so many outfit inspirations from Movie Leather Jackets to beautiful dresses.

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