Throw The Best Christmas Party This Year!

Throw The Best Christmas Party This Year!

December calls for one thing — the best Christmas party! They are the best platforms to show off those cute heels, strappy sandals, red jackets, and adorable knit sweaters that we have already bought from the amazing Christmas Sales. Christmas is all about spending your time with literally every single person in your life. If you are thinking of throwing a Christmas party to which you have always wanted to go, then execute the plan this year. Forget all your sorrows and worries, and be the best Christmas Party host ever with these tips;

  1. Set an Entry Dress Code:

Like all those illegal parties happening in the movies asking people to speak a certain code to enter, you set an entrance dress code to your Christmas party. Ask people to dress up in a certain set of colors, like red, green, or white. The dress can be of any genre, from casual sweatshirts and ugly sweaters to proper semi-formal festive dresses; it depends on your guest (obviously, you are no Hitler).

  1. Invite Familiar Faces:

The best way to avoid any mishap and chaos at the party is to invite only those who are familiar with each other. If the party is not a family-friendly one, it will be even more fun to enjoy with the people who are comfortable with each other. Maybe your shy friend gets a chance to finally win over that girl from high-school? Who knows?

  1. Avoid Going Extravagant:

The lesser, the better. Don’t make your guests feel overwhelmed with Christmas vibes by crowding every corner of your house with Christmas decorations. Just go for the basics, like put the Christmas Tree at one corner, a few snowmen showpieces, or maybe a real one? Well, that is dependent on your mood. You can also give a Christmas touch to your ordinary things with some tinsels and red and green fairy lights.

  1. Create a Christmas Mixtape:

Google some Christmas classics and make a playlist for jamming sessions. You can also organize a Christmas songs karaoke to engage the guests. A good Christmas Carol sets everyone’s mood better, so go for the good old ones and play them all night.

  1. Christmas Meals!

It’s time to make all those desserts that are rich in calories! It’s Christmas, and you don’t want to feel sad a bit. So, make whatever you have been holding on for quite a time, and amp up your party game with just the right thing. FOOD!

  1. Christmas Drinks!

Set coffee brewing on one stove, a pot filled with hot chocolate, a big serving of delicious eggnog in the refrigerator, and a big bowl of apple cider on one corner of the table. Could Christmas be any better? A big no! These drinks are all Christmas specials that exclusively serve the purpose of filing the atmosphere with just the right aroma. You can also add your favorite wine to the menu, and Turkey will feel dry to swallow, won’t it?

  1. Set up A Christmas Photo Booth:

Nowadays, a photo booth is not a thing of the rich. There are so many DIY hacks available on many social media platforms like Pinterest, which give us easy ways to make one for ourselves. It might take some time to make but come on, and its way better than spending dollars on a booth that would be not like you want it to be. So, collect red sheets to paste on the wall, some Christmas props like Santa caps and reindeer antlers, and some paints. Fill your Instagram account with as many pictures as you can! After all, you are the party thrower!

  1. Play Christmas Games:

Talking seems fun as long as there is a topic to discuss. It could lead to a discussion about the weather situation within minutes, so don’t let your conversions go dry by playing some games. This way, you could show your skills in front of your special someone, and impress him/her.

There are so many Christmas Special games which have the tendency of engaging a large number of people, even more than Christmas Sales can ever do. White Elephant, Pictionary, Guess the celebrity or Guess the Christmas song, Mad Libs, and so much more. You can also make a movie corner by keeping the DVDs of Christmas classics. Give the guests full freedom of doing whatever they want, and be the best host ever!

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