TV Series are instant Fixes to your Fashion Needs!

TV Series are instant Fixes to your Fashion Needs!


Are you looking for a new fashion fix? If yes, then you’ve come to the right spot. Not only are these shows a perfect pick for your boring nights, but also they could be crucial for your fashion savvy mind. As our clothing has become limited as a result of the pandemic, fashion and style are now blooming in a new direction: A television series. The complex persona of the television series Hollywood has now introduced with sartorial specifics spread out like a spider’s web. Without a doubt, TV series have made it to the screen of the viewers by hitting their eyes and mind. But that was not it as it engraved its deep-rooted effect on the minds of the viewers, making it impossible for the viewers to not add its essential to the wardrobe.

And it isn’t wrong, as the stylist is using their skills to an extreme extent by creating a powerful aura of the characters with their prodigious clothing.


The retro drama is one of a slew of new shows. Surely, it features fashion as a key, if not as an essential component. The most recent release, Emily in Paris, starring Lily Collins as the cover girl, follows an aspiring Parisienne. She dresses up in layers of color-block Chanel and Kenzo, finishing with Louboutins, as she frolics around the French capital. This series indeed has featured some of the most splendid pieces of clothing.


Known for its Oh So Famous, 13 reasons why varsity liberty high jackets. This series has targeted the minds of the viewers in an impeccable manner. Setting exceptional boundaries for the viewers and vast opening opportunities for them to explore the fashion world. Though this series has taken a serious toll on the mental health of the viewers, it surely manages to tell its story in an intricate manner.


This notorious series features a patriarch in the US; the story of this series revolves around the duel between two powerful houses. Not just that, but also this series gave birth to some of the most intriguing characters. As if that was not enough, this series features prodigious apparel. Be it men or women, every character of this series was seen sporting a Yellowstone jacket in an impeccable manner.


The sitcom, which starred Marlo Thomas as Ann Marie, was one of the first in pop culture. It features a single woman chasing her dreams. Not just that, it also showed that workwear does not have to be dull or drab in order to be on point. Ann Marie was an aspiring actress in New York City on “That Girl,” and her Marilyn Lewis-designed wardrobe was appropriately playful and trendy. Her style was very of its time; it was her who flared classic motorcycle jackets in a ravishing manner without putting in many efforts. It was all possible because of her well-constructed wardrobe, timeless silhouettes, and overall elegance. However, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that her style is still ageless.


Well, the story of “Scandal” is fast-paced, but not to forget some of the amazon fashion trends that it brought to us. Olivia Pope is the series’s central protagonist, a whip-smart manager in politics with a very well and ever-evolving ensemble. She is renowned for wearing timeless, sophisticated pieces in neutral tones, and her luxurious and professional attire has inspired many viewers to imitate her look. And that is why they have been going crazy to get their hands on a b3 bomber jacket with hood. This is one piece that can allow them to radiate the original aura.


This mid-aughts drama featuring affluent Manhattan teenagers undoubtedly makes the list of shows that set fashion trends. Eric Daman, the show’s costume designer, has done justice to his job by curating hundreds of chic, contemporary ready-to-wear looks. These looks inspired a whole generation of teenagers to stock their closets with Serena-inspired silver metallic dresses, and Blair-inspired printed headbands.


Sorry to say this, but if you haven’t hopped onto the Bridgerton Bandwagon, then you surely are missing on a lot. If you’re confused about watching this series, then consider Gossip Girl crossed with Pride and Prejudice. The series features several garden parties, drawing room drama, and balls. However, t’s only fitting that our favorite Dukes, Duchesses, and debutantes don their finest Regency-era garb and dreamiest ballgowns to navigate life on Netflix’s brand new season.


Working in the fashion industry may appear to be all glitz and glamour, but is it actually like that? I guess not. Jason Bolden, a celebrity stylist, navigates the ups and downs of Hollywood’s infamous awards season in this documentary. This series is the best way to get insights into celebrity fashion in the most honest manner. This series has undoubtedly featured some of the most exquisite over layers, such as RAF Bomber Jacket. If you wish to elevate your style, then go check this series out now!


Suits have long been synonymous with industry and prestige. Mad Men, a 2007 drama series, gave a whole new meaning to the phrase “dressing classy for all occasions.” This show changed people’s minds about suits and ties being reserved for the workplace or black-tie events. In this 1960s drama, Don Draper and his pals reminded everyone how good it is to bring a little extra effort into one’s appearance.

Mad Men, in particular, sparked a resurgence in men’s suits, particularly in gray tones (don’t forget the pocket square!). It also influenced classic roller hairstyles and full-skirted evening gowns for women, whether they were attending a house party or going out for the evening.


This drama is undoubtedly creating a ripple in the fashion world. Villanelle, played by Jodie Comer, uses bright colors to tell her story. Creating a special position in the hearts of the viewers with her outrageous choice of colors and costumes. With each new concept, she sets the tone for the next season’s fashion must-haves. The show has sparked a resurgence of vivid colors and out-of-the-box designs in the fashion world. Thus bringing out new life to many designers’ runways. Here is what you have to learn from the series; go for it the next time you see an outrageous style on the runways or racks that you simply must-have. If you rock the look when running errands or going grocery shopping, we’ll give you bonus points.


It is a martial arts comedy-drama based on the original film, Karate Kid. This series contains every essence from its previous movie and undoubtedly pulls of the original aura of the story in an impeccable manner. Although there are a plethora of similar movies in Hollywood, none would match the class of Cobra Kai. Nonetheless, it has featured some of the most outrageous costumes, making it the number one choice for cosplays. With cobra kai red jacket as the most loves apparel among the rest.


You must know that the Vikings are a global phenomenon. They have swept through popular culture in particular over the past two decades. Long gowns, jewel tones, and faux-fur coats and collars have sparked a new taste for Scandinavian-style decadence, as seen in Vikings. Long and short capes are another style that has risen in popularity as a result of the film, and they can now be seen in nearly any wardrobe. However, if you want to have something with less shearling, then Bane Shearling Coat could be the perfect pick for you.


It doesn’t matter if you like suspense or not; many fashionistas are clamoring for shearling skirts, high-waisted denim, and retro t-shirts. Not just that, its outrageous prints inspired by the ‘80s look has now overcome Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Jacket. Well, yes, it does hurt to know that, but the truth is this. Though this series has sparked nostalgia for the 1980s, shows like Vikings and Outlander have boosted the popularity of shearling jackets and classy outer layers.


The Line takes the Parisian flare of the 1940s into the twenty-first century. Featuring cinched waists and silhouette skirts, this series has set the narrative of the story pretty clear. And honestly, who could be the better person to look to for new fashion trends than Christian Dior? Flowing gowns with a neckline, shoulders, and bodice that accentuate the neckline and shoulders are suitable for a night out on the town or a dinner party with friends.

Furthermore, whatever you have in your closet right now, chances are your interests will change in the next few years. So, choose your favorites and keep an eye out for them in the next episode of your beloved TV shows.

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