Top Gun Fighter Pilot Naval Film

TOP GUN Fighter Pilot Naval Film

For a long period of time, Hollywood directors and producers are keenly interested in bringing the United States military on the screen so that people in the western world and certainly the underdeveloped countries can be aware of the power of the U.S. The Hollywood movies have been depicting the glory of the U.S military and its power in such a manner that it sends a message to the countries provoking the United States at the stage of global politics.

A country’s media certainly its film industry can be used as a propaganda tool by the state to deliver a certain message or make others aware of the power of its institutions mainly the military. From Saving Private Ryan to Lone Survivor, American movies based on the theme of the military have quite greatly worked in favor of the strongest institution in the world.

Since the United States owns the mightiest army in the world, films such as Top Gun usually do a great business in the global market as general people are absolutely interested in knowing more about the U.S military

A Look into the Top Gun:

Top gun, the most successful film during the cold war era, paved the way for other movies inspired by the U.S military. Directed by Tony Scott, the 1986 film revolved around Lieutenant Maverick and a bunch of supporting characters stationed at the Naval Air Station Miramar. Top Gun offers actual footage of the US Navy’s aircraft and USS Enterprise (CVN-65) in a bid to make it all look real.

You might be shocked to know that the filmmakers had to transfer a huge amount of money to the US Navy’s bank account for filming a few of its fighter jets flying in the air. Thus, Top Gun became the first-ever Hollywood movie to use the real fighter jets of the American Navy for the purpose of shooting a film scene.

Display of weapons loaded on jets and USS Enterprise’s environment were the center of attraction for the audience. In addition, the makers tried their best to shed light on the lives of the Navy members on board who are trained to counter the threats imposed upon the country by the enemy forces.

The Film Skyrocketed Tom Cruise’s Career:

Tom Cruise, who had just stepped in the world of Hollywood, was the biggest beneficiary of the remarkable success of Top Gun. Playing Maverick’s role, Cruise ensured the long term success of his career which would allow him to later appear in unnumbered movies. This is not it, Cruise also became quite popular among the groups of fashion admirers for donning the Top Gun Tom Cruise Flight Jacket with Patches. From even the perspective of critics, Top Gun managed to get a green signal reflecting the perfection in the film.

Top Gun Flight Bomber Jacket

Low Budgeted Project:

A jaw-dropping fact here, Top Gun was produced with a small budget of only US$15 million, yet received a whopping amount of US$356 million in profit. Even back then in the 80s, the budget wasn’t as big as compared to today. However, It was a great commercial hit for producers Don Simpson and Jerry Bruckheimer who may have never thought the movie to do so well at the box office.

The Significant Achievement: 

Keeping in mind the film showcased the U.S Navy fighter pilots in action, Top Gun was selected to be preserved in the National Film Registry by the Library of Congress. It was perhaps this greatest achievement that motivated producer Jerry Bruckheimer and Cruise to produce the sequel titled Top Gun: Maverick after a long break of three decades. Showcasing Cruise in the already-popular Top Gun Maverick MA-1 Flight Bomber Leather Jacket, the sequel is set to land in the cinemas all across the world in 2020.

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