The Best Halloween Outfit Ideas That Goes with Top Layers!

The Best Halloween Outfit Ideas That Goes with Top Layers!

Grab the dusted candy baskets and gear up in the spookiest costumes now as October is just around the corner. The brown leaves are ringing the Halloween bells, and we can already hear the growls of wolves coming from far, far away. Let’s rush to the attic and take the carved pumpkins out to decorate your house. Opt for an edgy costume this time, like a top layer, and set the party on fire with a Leather Jacket Halloween Costume. Sounds interesting.

The best thing about a jacket is that it could get easily paired up with any outfit and every event, giving you a stylish last-minute Halloween costume and that too with fewer efforts! For inspiration, your favorite heroes from movies are here to save you by providing an amazing unique option in a Halloween Movie Jacket. Not just that, many characters from the gaming kingdom and small screens are your best friends too. Wondering how? Give a quick read to this trendy guide and take stylish top layers to your Halloween party!

The Gangster Joker from Suicide Squad 2016:

A new take on the classic Joker came to the screens in 2016 when Jared Leto turned the iconic character’s impression with an angle of 360 degrees. The emo vibe that this Joker was having with a modern gangster appearance in a Jared Leto Suicide Squad Crocodile Coat gave us a new option to go for this Halloween. David Ayer also added a couple of tattoos, chains, and a silver grill to his costume with white makeup and green hair. All these features combine to make this villainous character the hottest take on Joker for Halloween.

The purple crocodile-patterned Jared Leto Suicide Squad Crocodile Coat would look so cool over a white t-shirt having Jared’s signature tattoos. Or you can leave the option of the shirt and get tattoos of ‘HA HA HA’ on the upper left side, a ‘skull on the upper right side, a huge ‘Joker’ in the middle, and a big ‘creepy smile’ on the bottom. Complete this dope Leather Jacket Halloween Costume with a purple cane, the Joker accessories, and look ready to rock the party with a trendy top layer.

The Bad Guy from The Walking Dead:

Negan, the former antagonist from the comic-based TV series, The Walking Dead, gave us the classiest portrayal of leather jackets. The bad guy who was the survivor group leader after the apocalypse kept the other survivors afraid of him with the intimidating personality he had. The role was played by the greatest Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who nailed the evil character in his super-chic Jeffrey Dean Morgan The Walking Dead Jacket, giving us an idea of styling this jacket for this year’s Halloween party. 

This jacket is an ideal choice to attain a sophisticated and cool look instead of a traditional spooky appearance. If you are looking for anything unusual, pair up this glossy motorcycle jacket with a white long-sleeved shirt and khaki bottoms. Spice up the look with a red bandana, black combat shoes, and a silver garland. Carry a baseball bat with you and ask people to guess the character that you chose in a Halloween Movie Jacket.

The Brave Commander from Fallout 4:

Arthur Maxson’s battle coat from the popular video game series ‘Fallout 4’ stole every gamer’s attention as soon as its release. He wears this incredible long coat over a black BOS officer uniform always, which makes the gamers believe that he was born with the coat. The strap stature at the front of this Fallout 4 Maxson’s Battle coat gives it a perfect combat appearance.

This coat should be your priority if you are going for a Halloween party themed on video games. For a somewhat mysterious and chic look, style this coat cleverly with the same brown color bottoms and long boots. This Leather Jacket Halloween Costume is the best pick from the latest gaming trend that everyone is adopting.

Either you opt for a movie jacket for this Halloween or go for the soldier Fallout 4 Maxson’s Battlecoatfrom the gaming arena, make comfort your no. 1 priority. Anything would look good on you if the feeling of ease and coziness is there. These top layers are trending for years and have now reached your Halloween parties to give you a hard-to-catch appearance within minutes.

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