Men’s Guide: Alter Your Look According To The Events!

When it comes to men, they always look for minimal efforts to style themselves up. They love to stay basic, and most of them even go for the same outfit for every event. Well, that’s not considered as wrong, you can do that- its democracy! But if you want to go for something different this event, with a little bit of mix and match of your existing outfits, you can create a unique look and that too with the least of struggles.

We know that no man is born stylish. Everybody needs stylings to look groomed. You don’t have to waste your precious minutes consulting a stylist when he is already present in your home. Yeah, we are talking about you! Just learn the tricks and techniques of pairing up your clothes with different outfits and see the magic even if it’s your mens blazer that you wear every day. If you are getting tired of looking the same in the mirror every day, this guide is here to make you feel better!

Business Event
You’re having a business-related event coming up, and this time you want to go for something other than the usual formal look. We would suggest you go for a rather casual look or maybe semi-formal. Colors play a major part, too, so always stay cautious of it. Depending on the timing, if the event is in the morning, you can pull off a light-colored suit for a semi-formal look. For an evening event, opting for darker shades like black, royal blue, navy, and olive green would be the best choice.

It’s not written in stone that only suits will give you a semi-formal look. Blazers for men are the alternatives that are going to provide you with an edge. Wear this elegant outerwear over your shirt and pants to get that top-notch classic semi-formal look with an aesthetic vibe. Another alternative look is to wear a vest over your shirt and pants. You can also roll up the sleeves if the event is in the daytime, but don’t go for an evening event.

Casual Events Within Your Social Circle
Informal gatherings like a birthday party, costume party, a lunch meetup, and a road trip with your buddies require you to stay comfortable and cool. You don’t have to do anything extravagant for that. For getting an edge from that ordinary look, this time, wear a leather biker jacket over your basic t-shirt. This piece of outer leatherwear isn’t just going to make you look different but would instantly glam up your look. You can also go for an alternative of mens bomber jacket. Both of these are a game-changer for you.

Just wear these classic leather jackets over your everyday casual outfits, and they would straightaway make you look dapper. Turtlenecks, sweatshirts, sweaters, shirts, anything they paired with, will make you look as classy as Dwayne Johnson, no jokes! So go for these leather jackets pairing and alter your everyday look.

Wedding Event
Getting dressed up for a wedding is a headache, and we realize that. The typical outfit that most men wear is a suit to get that semi-formal or formal look. You can go for an alternative of vests if you’re still willing to go semi-formally. Choose a color that you don’t usually wear for a hint of uniqueness.

Nonetheless, go for a bold look at this wedding and wear a leather biker jacket over your semi-formal attire. That includes your basic shirt and dress pants. This alteration will gather a lot of attention, so stay prepared for that, and don’t get nervous!

Date Night Or A Night Out Party
Now it’s totally up to your priority if you want to go casually or semi-formally to a night out event. Both of these looks work perfectly fine for these kinds of events. But if you are looking for something other than ordinary here, you should go for casual if you were going semi-formal before or vice versa. For semi-formal, you have an option of suits and tuxedo. Cocktail dresses work fine too. A classic button-up shirt also makes you look classy.

If you want to impress your date, go for a classic mens blazer over a monochromatic hued shirt and pants. This outerwear not only will provide you with an alternative but also give you that class that you desired for so long. Finish off your look with a nice pair of shoes and leave your aesthetic marks on that person!
So, are you feeling like a fashion stylist now? If not, don’t worry, you’re going to feel it in the coming days with a little practice. It is not rocket science, just simple ways of making your personality all glowed up for any event. If you were bored with your everyday look, follow up with this guide and look for an entirely different person with the same mens bomber jacket. Don’t forget to finish off your looks with the perfect footwear and accessories and don every event!

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