Joker – More Than Just a Movie for Fashion Enthusiasts around the Globe

Joker – More Than Just a Movie for Fashion Enthusiasts around the Globe

More famous than his superhero counterpart, the legendary villain – yes, a villain – Joker was ahead of his times. Born and bred in Gotham’s dull and dim streets, he became a man not everyone could understand. He is known as a master criminal with a clown-like appearance. Considered as one of the most infamous criminals within Gotham City, he used to be a children’s entertainer who seldom got any excellent gigs. His goofy-trickster personality emerged as a result of constant bullying due to his financial status and medical condition.

The Joker Movie is a loosely based standalone film on the DC Universe’s most cunning super-villain, Joker. Originally played the role as a violent sociopath who murders people for his amusement, the Joker’s character explained with newfound depth in this film. With gruesome details and epic scenarios, the film is a masterpiece.

Arthur Fleck – works as a clown-for-hire and lives with his mother, Penny, in a city that is collapsing under unemployment, crime, and financial ruin. Arthur suffers from a neurological disorder, which causes him to laugh uncontrollably at inopportune times. From his regular visits to social services workers to obtain medication to the gut-wrenching scenes of beatings in the city, The joker movie has captured the life of the widely known villain in its true essence.

Since the DC franchise is already top-rated for its costume designs and apparel, this standalone brought nothing short of stellar fashion inspirations for the viewers. Let’s delve a bit deeper into the goals, motivations, and styles this incredibly tragic yet captivating story brought forward.

Costume Inspirations

Who has not dreamed of appearing as the master criminal himself in the costume parties at least once? From Halloween parties to comic cons, this character has been a constant even when Heath Ledger used to play him onscreen. Joaquin Phoenix’s portrayal has given birth to new fantasies regarding this legendary character. The joker costumes – new and old – are being revived and brought to limelight after this epic film.

Every scene in the film is a piece of art in its sense; the beauty is heart-wrenching and mesmerizing that will keep you enthralled for the longest time. For people who gush over outfits that bring more than comfort and style, the whole film is a treasure of inspiration. Joaquin’s exceptional style and nonchalant persona bring additional charm to the apparel. Every outfit screams vintage features along with the modern details. The joker costumes are a mandatory addition for your cosplay looks this year, especially with the production of the sequel in pipelines.

The sequel is still in the ambiguous territory. With the entertainment industry facing a considerable halt in the releases, it seems like the Joker 2 is going to take its sweet time before reaching to the big screens.

Jaw-Dropping Coats of the Clown Prince of Crime

From the beginning of the film, Joker seen in his classic signature style with bright and bold colors. The tremendous performance in which he finally faces his demons in public, he makes an appearance in a dapper red suit. The stylists outdid themselves when they created the striking look. Simple and yet alluring, the whole aura of the outfit screams chilling, dangerous vibes.

Getting inspiration from this character becomes more accessible because the Joker coat is hassle-free and easy to carry. The iconic scene where Arthur seen dancing on the stairs in his red tunic has given this attire unimaginable worth. This apparel is perfect for flaunting in the parties where you want to pop out among the orthodox crowds.

While the movie gave the evil character an origin story, it also showed how the protest movement erupted against the rich of the Gotham. Based on the Batman world’s characters, the movie does not stray away from the comic world. Throughout his decades-long quarrel with Batman, he has committed crimes both whimsical and inhumanly brutal. In Batman’s words, his crimes are with logic and reasoning that “make sense to him alone.”

The Joker Coat is not the only apparel we are gushing over since the film came out. This film served as an excellent reminder to take a good look at the partner villains of the same world and get an inspiration from the kings and queens of outstanding style.

Jacket Inspiration from Harley Quinn, the Maid of Mischief

A petite woman with vicious vibes, Harley Quinn, is famous for her long blonde hair set in a pigtails style, dyed at the bottom in blue and pink shades. She often seems wearing dark red lipstick, pink and blue eye shadow, black mascara, and a psychotic grin enhancing her mad-girl persona. Typical white girl’s aesthetics with pale, bleached skin and blue eyes are a force of nature in the comic world.

The Harley Quinn Leather Jacket quickly found its place in the top trends when the movie Joker hit the screens since Harley and Joker are a duo and worked together often. Wreaking havoc is her hobby, and although we have never had the opportunity of studying her origin story like Joker, Harley’s portrayal by Margot Robbie, reached sky-high ratings.

Harley’s bubbly attire is appreciated far and wide for its sinister touches and often recreated by many fashion enthusiasts. While there is another TV series going on, the hype the character got after Suicide Squad was unreal. Her dynamic name is famous for extraordinary appearances throughout the DC Comics’ inspired television shows and movie series.

The Harley quinn leather jacket makes several appearances in Suicide Squad, highlighting her pivotal role throughout the evil works of destroying the city. Harley, the rest of her crew, left the Gotham city burning and utterly destroyed. They mused on the fact that they successfully brought it to ruins and cherished the chaos around them while holding sinister smiles.

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