Falcon Costumes: From The Comics Days To the Falcon And The Winter Soldier!

Falcon Costumes: From The Comics Days To the Falcon And The Winter Soldier!

Sam Wilson, aka The Falcon, has been around in the comic world for some time now and in the MCU version is one of the most iconic characters in Avengers. The beloved character of Michael Arlen has donned some of the most praiseful costumes since the first appearance in Captain America #117. The sidekick of the leader of the avenger and also the best pal of Cap has come a long way, and there are a lot of costumes to talk about, so let hop right into it, but we all know the list is going to end at the latest web series The Falcon and The Winter Soldier.

Heroes Reborn

From the days when Marvel started a sideline story for the existing marvel characters, but many fans say many different things like; Hero Reborn was one of the best mini-series by the publisher – many say it was a missed – to pump life into characters, the franchise recognized as lacking back in the late 90s (it is funny to see it now that many things aren’t possible at some and era).

Now to a franchisee who has about 8 thousand characters in their pocket, more likely the chances are not every character is going to be in the spotlight, but the Falcon wasn’t one of them, and to this day, he is an iconic and a protagonist in the MCU. The costumes in this mini-series worn by the Falcon had the combination of red and white stripes and patches all over the costume (Yes, Sam’s costume in the Civil war is inspired by this particular look.

Avengers Vs. X-Men

If you are a non-comic person but have seen the MCU’s Civil War and think this is the best and the most amazing fight to watch, then you are wrong (well, technically you aren’t because it’s a comic part we are talking about and Civil War is a live-action movie). The point is, there is a time in the entire franchise where the X men and the Avengers clash cataclysmically, this was a bit sad to read about, but at the same time, it was the most amazing comic Marvel had ever published back then.

The Falcon’s costumes had the same overall looks of red and white but had some different sort of detailing to them. He took to wearing body protection truly interestingly, giving something of a format to what his inevitable MCU adaptation would resemble. This was the only time Falcon, at any point, wore any sort of defensive layer in the comics.

Post-Cap Suit

The time to have the coolest and the most recent costume of our birdmen, Falcon. This look he wore when he was officially done with fulfilling the gap for Steve and returned to being Falcon and being with redwing. Sam was again wearing a suit, but this time it didn’t have the red, white, and blue all over but had the silhouette of his old suits. One entirely different thing was the technology of his suit. This one is the most advanced version of Falcon’s suit that has ever been made, Vibranium, stark level tech, nanotechnology; you name it; this thing had almost the same things as Iron Man’s suit. During these times, there’s also one worth mentioning costume, and that was of Agent USA, as this character just became the part of the MCU the John Walker The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Jacket is also worth it.

Original Costume

The first-ever place where we saw Sam Wilson for the first time was in Captain America#117; this was the first-ever encounter of the A-list avenger (well, this is a thing that you already know, but not many remember that original costume). This suit is probably the most different one in the entire list of costumes that Falcon has ever worn. As this is the only suit from his wardrobe that had most of the green color, this is what makes his original suits one of the best ones in the bunch of his collection.

Red Costume

Over the years, Falcon wore a great number of costumes, but through his entire collection of costumes, there is this signature tone or theme to it. The time when Falcon kicked the hell out of Red Skull, he walked out as a true hero proving himself the deserving avenger. This is also the time when he ditches his green costume and wears some new pattern, and it’s wherein the comics he gets his signature looks which echo the red wings looks, along with the falcon crest yellow in color at the middle of his face mask. This iconic red and white is undoubtedly the best two-tone costume from Falcon’s wardrobe.

Marvel Cinematic Universe

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Falcon, for most of his part, has been a comic character, but when Marvel started to recreate the incentive storyline from the comics, they had to bring this character to life. One thing that was changed a bit from the comic version was the origins of the character’s story and a few tweaks in the design of the costume. The first appearance of Sam was in the movie Captain America: The Winter Soldier, for most of his first appearance, he wore the gray tactical suit with some red highlight to it, but we all know that the most astounding appearance to this date is The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Sam Wilson Jacket. One notable thing in this suit was his high-tech foldable wings and rest in his vibranium bad on his bad and along with a jet engine which allows him to steer and control his speed in flying.

Captain America Civil War

After the praiseful appearance of Falcon, The Marvel studio gave some details to the costume of the character, Falcon. The birdman isn’t wearing a simple tee as most of the suits but a proper one. With the darker tone of gray and the maroon stripes on the shoulder and chest with the star, this entire look may remind you of the previously discussed costume, the red costume. If you aren’t a nerd fan of the MCU, then let me tell you this particular costume is inspired by the red costume.

Whether it’s about having Cap’s back or flying solo to kick Helmut Zemo’s ass (talking about Zemo, have you checked out the Daniel Brühl The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Zemo Coat, from the latest web series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier yet?) Falcon has always been a star among Comic lovers and Marvel Fans. And even an inspiration for cosplays!

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