Dress To Impress In The Harley Quinn Birds Of Prey Fringed Jacket

Dress To Impress In The Harley Quinn Birds Of Prey Fringed Jacket

Now, that’s the question of whether you are a DC or a Marvel fan? We think that this is the question that all movie lovers get. But if you are the one who has been a part of the group who loves DC comics. Then we are 101 % sure that you must know something about Harley Quinn. We think that she is one of the most phenomenal characters that anybody could ask for. To be honest, the DC universe has done some next-level hard work in the creation of this amazing character. If you are the girl who has been a supporter of women’s empowerment, then we think that this is the character that you need to see. Harley Quinn first appeared in the Batman animated series, Joker’s Favour. On the other hand, she has now been a part of so many DC movies.

If we say that Suicide Squad is incomplete without her presence, then we don’t think we are wrong. She is the one who has shown super amazing skills and potential in the movie. She has shown all the impressive qualities that any superhero should have. If you are inquisitive about what power this girl has got, then here we go. She is the one who knows how to handle weapons perfectly. On the other hand, she has been a master of gymnastics as well as hand-to-hand combat. Now you have learned how powerful this crazy girl is. If you are really impressed by her character, then we think you need to see her in the movies, especially in Suicide Squad. If you are thinking of creating her style for a special occasion, then we know how you could do it.


The first and foremost thing that you need to do is to get your hands on the piece that has been holding the entire look. Yeah, we are talking about the addition of Harley Quinn Birds of Prey Fringed Jacket in your styling game. The material and the quality of this piece are based on next-level stuff. To be honest, if you are striving to create the best of the best look for the cosplay or costume party. Then, sister, we think that this is the most perfect thing to get for yourself. Everything in this piece has the potential that it can pull out incredible style. 



Now you have got the plan of what things need to be added to the styling game. By the above paragraph, you have learned that we are telling you the method to create the exact look of Harley Quinn. So let us tell you what other things are needed to include in the style. So you basically need to get your hands on the pink crop top. Yeah, since this has been the piece that is the part of Harley Quinn’s costume. We are not telling you to go for the addition of some extraordinary crop tops. Just go for the addition of a hot pink crop top in the styling game. 


Here comes the turn of the bottoms. You must be thinking about what kind of bottoms you need to add to this look. It is simple. You need to go for the addition of jeans shorts in style. Yeah, it is that simple, but wait a minute, there is one thing that you need. Keep in your mind that your shorts should have black stripes. Or else you will not get a similar look to her. It is not mandatory that you should have stripe printed shorts. You can even try DIY methods for the creation of the stripes on the shorts. 



If you are looking forward to the addition of more things in the style that can bring similarity. Then go for the inclusion of the suspender over the dress. Yep, you need to get your hands on the neon orange suspenders. This is the thing that needs to be included in the look since the small details can bring a big change in the style. 



We are done with all the essential items of this look. How perfect it would be if we could discuss the footwear game with you. This is our opinion that this is the step that holds a lot of importance. Nothing extra or new needs to be added to the style. You just have to get your hands on the white printed boots. These pairs will promote more chicness as well as authenticity in your look.



To add more real effect in the look, you need to go for the addition of sock. So this style requires multi-colored glitter based socks with the boots. So incorporate these two thing together.



Add on to grab some next-level importance in the styling. On the other hand, if you are trying to create some costume look, then they become more vital. So, first of all, a chunky silver neckpiece is the item that you need to add to the look. Keep in your mind that the base of the necklace should be based on silver in order to bring accuracy to the style. Trust us that the addition of this element will add some extra incredibility to your look. 



You know that every little detail plays an important part in the creation of the perfect costume look. So, this is the reason why we are telling you to add a blonde wig. The wig needs to be short in length. We think that shoulder length is the perfect option. So grab this type of blonde wig to bring more attraction to the look. This is the step that will make all your effort more prominent. 




The last thing that you need to focus on is the makeup. Yeah, we know that it is the first thing in basic looks. But in this style, it is the last thing. You really don’t need to show some next-level makeup artist skills. We think that a lighter shade of foundation and red lip color can work perfectly for you. Also, you need to have blue and red eye shadows at the outer corner of your eyes. Don’t forget to add eyeliner to the eyes.


So here we are, trying to wrap up things. But if you think that there is anything that needs to be added to the style. Then you should definitely go for it, but we think that we have done this job perfectly. Hence, there is nothing more that needs to be added to the style.

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