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Here is a treat to the television series fans named 13 Reasons Why and the actor Brandon Flynn. We have recreated the Justin Foley-inspired blue and green colored woolen jacket for them. This jacket is the all cool, funky and chunky article. This would be your favorite school outfit. Buy this jacket from our Cyber Monday sale. You will not regret the decision. This cool blue and the green jacket has woolen material outside along with a viscose lining inside the jacket. It will give you a wholesome and granular feeling throughout the day. This trendy and popular jacket is styled with button closure and two waist pockets at the front of the jacket. The jacket has a rib-knitted collar and rib-knitted cuffs at the end of full-length long sleeves. It has two hidden pockets inside the jacket too. The stylish jacket has a Tiger Patch logo too at the front chest side. 

Our cool and classy customers can style this article for their school look and casual urban look. You can wear skinny light chinos, white chinos, or skinny ripped pants in blue or white colors or black. A wide leg-jeans in blue would be a good choice too. You may try white canvas low top or high top sneakers, white work boots, or black suede leather boots for footwear. This look is all cool and classy and is a laid-back attire.

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The fans of the most hyped superhero movie Deadpool must be celebrating our Cyber Monday sale as we have got them the most popular and really hot and sassy article that is Wade Wilson’s aka Deadpool’s red check printed shearling jacket at our website, the movie fashion. The fashion monsters should celebrate this sale as they will not be getting this jacket anywhere else at such a reasonable price other than our Cyber Monday sale.

This jacket is inspired by Ryan Reynolds’s one in the movie Deadpool, where he was playing the title role of Deadpool, aka Wade Wilson. This jacket is purely made out of cotton flannel along with a faux shearling lining inside to keep you warm all day long. The red color and check print of the jacket make it cool for parties and casual looks. However, if combined with more serious fashion knowledge, it could be utilized at formal and semi-formal places. This jacket is styled by installing a fastening zipper closure and two waist pockets with shearling detailing on the edges at the front of the jacket. Other than this, the jacket has a notched lapel collar and full-length long sleeves. There are two hidden pockets inside the jacket too. And guess what the big good news is? This jacket is available for both men and women on our website, the movie fashion. Avail of this opportunity right now!

This Wade Wilson jacket can be styled in a number of ways for different occasions and locations. For example, you can wear a white round-neck t-shirt inside the jacket and pair it with a number of lower ones like black chinos, plaid chinos, corduroy chinos, ripped jeans, and wide-leg jeans. You can wear it over a vest too. Just team up a vest, grey chinos and wear this jacket over. Complete the look with Chelsea boots, or suede leather boots, or work boots, or it could be high-top black sneakers too. However, all these combinations need to be used very carefully with a clever fashion sense. Avail this jacket from our website, the movie fashion, at a lower price because it is on our Cyber Monday sale.


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Michael Jackson was a real fashion icon and a real fashion monster. We couldn’t find his replacement yet, and maybe we will not be able to find it for a long time. There is a huge amount of his following and fandom all over the globe. The craziest of all is the fandom of Michael Jackson. The red leather jacket he wore in one of his popular and legendary songs, the Thriller, is a real fashion icon. It is famous and most loved among its fandom all over the world. Here is a treat to the craziest and mightiest fandom of the world that lived in all eras. We have got the same jacket on our website, the movie fashion. This is such a great opportunity that you can’t avail yourself of anywhere else. We are providing you with the best quality and at the most reliable prices of this legendary jacket. Go buy it now. 

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