7 Essentials You Need to Get the Classic Tom Cruise Top Gun Costume

7 Essentials You Need to Get the Classic Tom Cruise Top Gun Costume

Do you know Top Gun is a top-rated movie right now? No wonder! This movie got great hype all around the world. Not only because of the storyline but also because of Tom Crusie. He is the most handsome actor in Hollywood. So if you are a Hollywood fan, then you know that Tom is everyone’s favorite. However, if you are a fan of Tom Crusie, then this guide is specially designed for you. Further, you know Tom Cruise is famous for his alluring look and fashionable persona. 

However, in the movie Top Gun Maverick, Tom Cruise wears the most elegant and alluring outfits that make him look different and perfect from others. Indeed, this movie also gets hype because of his fantastic fashion. However, in this guide, we are going to tell you one of the costumes looks that he wears in Top Gun. Tom Cruise Top Gun Costume is the most wanted one from everyone. Further, you know that you can wear this outfit in any cosplay quickly, and you won’t get disappointed. This guide is for people who want the same persona as Tom Cruise. You can get a style like him by adding a few classy things to your styling game. 

Green Bomber Leather Jacket

Top Gun Maverick MA-1 Flight Bomber Leather Jacket


In the first thing in creating the perfect personality like Tom cruise, you need the alluringly dope Green bomber leather jacket. However, it is a refined choice of outerwear that you can wear casually. Further, this jacket should be in green color. And it should be in a leather jacket. As you can see in the movie, this jacket has embroidered patches. This appealing Top Gun Maverick Bomber Jacket is the top-notch outerwear that becomes the center of attention in the movie. However, this piece of clothing is the magnificent one. So get your hands on this jacket to get the appeal like Tom. 

White Crew-Neck Shirt


The second most wanted thing in this costume is the white crew-neck shirt. We have seen Tom Crusie always go for the casual look. In this movie, he also preferred a casual and comfy look. Like this costume in this costume, you can see him wearing a Tom Cruise Top Gun jacket, and with that, we can see him wearing a white crew-neck shirt underneath. However, you need to rush yourself or spend extra money to get this look. You might have a white shirt. Just grab it and pair it with this jacket now. Further, you can wear this shirt casually too. 

Dark-Washed Jeans


Are you thinking about what bottoms will go perfectly with this Green bomber leather jacket? Then what about dark-washed jeans? Yes, it flawlessly goes with this jacket. However, when you see Tom Cruise Outfits, the common thing you will witness is that Tom Crusie always goes for the classic jeans that give him an appealing look. Anyway, while cosplaying his costume, ensure you get the dark-washed jeans to pair with a white-crew-neck shirt. Still, wear that jacket over this ensemble. It is a style that you can wear on your casual days too. Therefore get your fingertips on these charming jeans to create a perfect aura of Tom Crusie. 

Dark Brown Oxford Shoes


With all the things done, you know that Tom Crusie is so particular about his looks. He always makes his outfit look perfect. However, he always goes for the perfect footwear while choosing his outfit. Further, in this outfit, you can see the footwear that makes this ensemble look perfect. However, for the footwear, don’t get worried. You need a pair of dark brown oxford shoes to get the perfect look like him. However, this will add beauty to your outfit Tom Cruise.

Further, you can try them on. However, these shoes will never disappoint you. You can wear them on your regular day too. 

Black Leather Belt

Gear up your styling game of Tom Crusie with the classic and modish pieces of outfits. However, to get the same look as him, you must keep your eye on every small detail of Tom Cruise’s outfit. Further, in this costume, you can see him wearing the belt too. This belt is black and is in leather. However, to get the same look. You also need to get a black leather belt. And complete this look by wearing it over your pants. It is also an essential part of this ensemble. Get your hands on it now! 

Black Sunnies

As you have seen, Tom Crusie is in many movies. He is a person who always goes for the macho look. Whenever you see him in any movie. You will see him wearing glasses. Whether performing stunts or having a romantic dinner. He never fails to win the heart of his fans with his super attractive look. So if you are cosplaying his look, ensure you have your glasses on in every look. In the costume, he also wears black sunnies, making him more attractive. So with all the look has done, wear your black sunnies too. 

Wig And Facial Hair

However, with all the things done, last but not least, you need to get a wig like him. His regular hairstyle is dark brown, which makes him look more attractive. However, for the facial hair, he is a clean shave with a handsome look. Further, to look like him, get the wig in brown color and get yourself clean shaved. It will look super attractive, we guarantee you. 

The Stunning End

In the long run, you know that Tom Cruise is the most alluring person. To get a look like him is not the most challenging thing to do. He always goes for a casual look. However, you can go for his look. If you want to upgrade your casual style too. His looks and his persona will never let you down.

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