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Even though Halloween is celebrated for a single day, but it kinda last all o the holiday season. With a new party and cosplay event every week, we couldn’t get our hands on more and more different costumes. For people who like to keep their costumes low key and also make a statement as the same time, we got you! As you know, Suicide Squad is the latest cult film straight from the house of DC Comics. You already know, when it’s DC, it has to be phenomenal! For all the Suicide Squad lovers, we have some great news for you! Our suicide squad apparel is now out and kicking! joker and harley cosplay suicide squad costumes are one of the most worn costumes this year, especially after the release of this movie this year. Almost everyone is going the adorable and kick ass piggy tails look of Harley Quinn and the timeless Joker. Harley Quinn makes the favorite lady super villain character of most people. She is just the perfect arm-candy of Joker! DC has made these two their power couple throughout the movie. The chemistry and passion between them sets the screen on fire! She is Joker’s best accomplice and also his lover, which makes them both a pretty great team. For people who like to take it easy, you already know you don’t have to paint your face in order to look like Ms. Quinn here. Just a rad harley quinn varsity jacket can do you just as good! If you’re thinking about pulling off suicide squad joker cosplay female
then we have all it takes! The fans have always accepted everything from DC comics with open arms. Same is the case with Suicide Squad. If not anything else, this movie has given us major bad guy (and his sidekick) goals! Villains have never been so exciting before Suicide Squad. DC Comics puts Joker and Harley Quinn in the lead roles, which gives this movie awhole new perspective. They are wicked, they’re badass and they are gonna get us all in a lot trouble! Check out our latest Suicide Squad jackets collection. cosplay suicide squad has never been more fun, especially with minimum effort!