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Suicide Squad Jackets Collection – What Makes it a Big Deal?

One of the factors that make the suicide squad one of the intresting series is the fact that it comes with raw elements present in it. The plot revolves around different characters who are awe-inspiring and have something diverse to bring to the center of it all. 

First of all, the cast playing the characters is a powerhouse – packed with all the skills that were needed to make this movie an eccentric masterpiece. Secondly, each and every character is really intriguing– overall, creating an experience worth cherishing for everyone who chooses to watch the movie series.

Choose this movie if you have a creative eye and you dig the details present within a piece of entertainment – because this movie right here is exactly that: ripe with details that make the experience worthwhile and captivating beyond the expectations of a viewer.

The film is part of the DC extended universe called “DCEU,” – in which EU stands for extended. The enthralling, peculiar characters, played by powerhouse actors, have an impact that lasts longer, even beyond when the movie is over.

Ensemble Cast of the Movie

Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn, Idris Elba as Bloodsport, John Cena as Peacemaker, Joel Kinnaman as Colonel Rick Flag, Sylvester Stallone as the voice of King Shark, David Dastmalchian as  Polka-Dot Man and Viola Davis as Amanda Waller – all are coming together and concluding the main cast of the movie.

Plot Summary of Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad is a superhero movie based on the DC comics. The movie has two parts – the first part came out back in 2016, while the second one in the year 2021. Although both the movies are standalone and do not serve as an extended storyline of the same. So you can watch them without any order. Another interesting aspect about suicide squad is the fact that both the movies also have the same cast – so your experience is not tainted; rather, you can take the fun element to another level by analyzing the two different movies with similarities that are literally the whole point of it all.

The plot of Suicide Squad in a nutshell: Amanda Waller, the recruiter of the suicide squad, assembles a group of outcasts and criminals to undertake a deadly mission in return for getting shortened jail sentence. In order to accomplish the task, the team is sent to a South American Island where they are tasked to destroy a Nazi laboratory called “Jotenhum,” which accommodates a secret mission called starfish – a quest that has already led to the destruction of one force.

Amidst the drama, deadly mission and romance – the viewers are sure to find a great amount of joy and take get a complete sort of fun.

Why Choose the Suicide Squad Jacket Collection – Innumerable Reasons to Get the Kick-Start

Even though Halloween is celebrated for a single day, but it kinda lasts all of the holiday season. With a new party and cosplay event every week, we couldn’t be happier to get our hands on new and uplifting costumes for every occasion. For people who like to keep their costumes low-key and also make a statement at the same time, we got you! A special occasion calls for special measures, and that is precisely what makes a special occasion all the more worthwhile and gives your style one of the most uplifting ways to shine.

As you know, Suicide Squad is the latest cult film straight from the house of DC Comics. You already know when it’s DC, it has to be phenomenal! For all the Suicide Squad lovers, we have some great news for you! Cue: our suicide squad apparel is now out and kicking – happy to hear the big news, right? Yes, Joker and Harley cosplay suicide squad costumes are one of the most worn costumes this year, especially after the release of this movie in the year 2021.

Almost everyone is going adorable and kick ass piggy tails look of Harley Quinn and the timeless Joker. Harley Quinn makes the favorite lady supervillain character of most people. She is just the perfect eye candy for Joker! DC has made these two their power couple throughout the movie. The chemistry and passion between them set the screen on fire!

She is Joker’s best accomplice and also his lover, which makes them both a pretty great team. For people who like to take it easy, you already know you don’t have to paint your face in order to look like Ms. Quinn here. Just a rad Harley Quinn Jacket can do you just as good! 

If you’re thinking about pulling off a suicide squad, joker cosplay female. Then we have all it takes! The fans have always accepted everything from DC comics with open arms. The same is the case with Suicide Squad. If not anything else, this movie has given us major bad guy (and his sidekick) goals! Villains have never been so exciting before Suicide Squad. DC Comics puts Joker and Harley Quinn in the lead roles, which gives this movie a whole new perspective. 

They are wicked, they’re badass, and they are gonna get us all in a lot of trouble! Check out our latest Suicide Squad jackets collection. Cosplay suicide squad has never been more fun, especially with minimum effort!

Best Harley Quinn Jacket for Costume Party Style Inspiration 

Fashion and entertainment go hand in hand, which is precisely why there is not just one thing that captivates us as we submerge ourselves into an enchanting experience; rather, there are many diverse things giving us the best kind of experience to look forward to. 

Now when it comes to costume parties, there are certain expectations that we all harbor from the kind of look we wish to manifest – and that is precisely why there is always more and more scope to trying something distinctive that speaks volumes and yet, at the same time is a sort of a prodigy as well, due to the amount of popularity it comes with. 

So in order to make it all a worthwhile experience, you must seek inspiration from the most sought-after of trends that have made it big in the realm of fashion with a constant buzz – and we are happy to tell you that suicide squad is exactly that: there is just so much inspiration going on within the intricately woven plot of the story. 

From trendy Harley Quinn leather jacket to suicide squad signature pieces that brim with the same eccentric and edgy vibe, there are all sorts of options that you can grab and make part of your wardrobe. You can capture our suicide squad jackets from the online store – without further ado, add products to the carts and get the best offers with worldwide free shipping.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do You Provide Free Shipment of The Suicide Squad Jacket I Buy From Your Store?

Free shipping worldwide search ends here because we provide you with just that with the best products.

  • Who Is Harley’s Love Intrest in the Movie?

The Joker is Harley Quinn’s love interest in the movie. 

  • Who Played the Joker in the Movies?

The character is played by Jared Leto.

  • How to Buy from your Store?

Login Username and password, browse through the vast collection of the suicide squad costumes and take the best ones home.

  • Are these Leather Jackets Durable?

Durability and precision are not just buzzwords to capture the attention; rather, we are particularly careful with that aspect of the process. From the overall materials down to the zipper closure – everything is sturdy.