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Jurassic World

Some stories stay with us all of our lives, from our childhood to adulthood, some movies and shows continue to live in us throughout our lifetime. We’re sure all of you have grown up watching and admiring the Jurassic Park movies, just like us! A different take in the world of science fiction and superhero stuff, these monstrous treats have sustained their popularity in the hearts of everyone with every new sequel. It’s firmly believed that the dinosaurs are never really going to be extinct as long as they’re well alive in the Jurassic World! These movie series always have and continue to breath a new life into them. The prequels before the Jurassic World have paved great way of fame and popularity for the new part of these movies series.Rightly so, the Jurassic world lived up to everyone’s expectation and had us wanting more! After the dinosaurs of course, everyone just adored Chris Pratt. After the recognition he got in Guardians of the Galaxy, the man shines like a true star in this movie too; with his distinctive dressing and that rugged jungle vibe. The chris pratt leather vest made big in the industry as everyone wants to look like the Jurassic World guy! Our new designs of jackets inspired by the iconic Chris Pratt Brown Vest will definitely interest you! Pratt might not have any superpowers but he surely does look super hot in that vest! The fan frenzy continues to admire everything about him, even his clothes.The iconic look of Owen Grady has everyone wanting one jurassic world owen outfit for themselves! Owen, being a former military man and animal expert, plays the central part of Strong Protection Group. As he leads the dinosaurs to a safer place and provides them a clear pitch in a chaotic world, we all fall a little in love with him! Our line captures that essence in these Owen inspired jurassic world vest costume selections. They’re stylish, iconic and definitely fun! Just like the character himself.