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There is no division in the opinion that the X men costumes are cooler than any super-hero franchise. Undoubtedly the bat-man eyes are terrifying and the super man’s shield is copied more than anything else. However, none of these can ever cross the amount of love people have for the X Men costumes. The fact that the Quicksilver X Men Jacket is sold more than anything else is an enough proof of it.

The most surprising thing about X Men franchise is that it has been renewed so many times. Even when every era of this has not seen much success, majority of those did fairly well. X Men kept the marvel studios on the horizons of success for a long time and the reason for that are pretty obvious. Every time the franchise was reinvented, new super heroes with various costumes were introduced too.

Let us have a look at some of the best costumes from X Men over years.


“If you are mutant, you are a part of an elite species that deserves every freedom. We are X Men and we stand together.”

Every X Men fan knows who said these great words. This is a saying in the original X Men, Cyclops. Scott has been displaying his perfect acting skills along with amazing styles since so many years. And during all these years, he has kept his costumes consistently perfect with just minor changes over time. The guy in perfect suit made his first appearance in The X Men # 1, a comic by Stan Lee. Here he was wearing the standard team costume which was later only changed a little after a decade. The apparent changes were just in terms of color of the body suit, gloves, and boots. Other than the colors, the overall look was almost the same throughout. His costumes and jackets were once as famous as the X Men Apocalypse quicksilver leather jacket is now.

Despite all this, his best ever look was the one in bright yellow color that was created in 1991. The blue color in the costumes perfectly complimented the yellow one and everything else was also beyond perfection.


Quicksilver X Men Jacket

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Wolverine is one of the most famous characters of X men not only in movies but also in the comics. Wolverine has undergone several notable changes in terms of appearance over years. It is worth noting that all of his looks were acceptable and all managed to escape any disaster. However the most interesting look Wolverine ever aced was the classical tiger one. It consisted of a striped costume having a tiger like look and was attractive enough to catch every sight. This look was adapted in The Incredible Hulk 1974 and changed in 1975 a little. The look got more fame the second time.


X Men Apocalypse quicksilver leather jacket

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Love the X Men Apocalypse look which is so famous now? Then this one is surely your type. Gambit’s outfit is something out of this world. His long trench coat that he wore in Uncanny X Men (1990) was also too perfect to be real.


X Men Apocalypse

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Other than these, here are some other best outfits from the X Men franchise:

  • Uncanny X Force Outfit.
  • All Rouge’s Costumes.
  • Havok’s original outfit,

And many others.