top 3 looks of Britney Spears
While we really wish to get on Britney Spears’ dietary and work-out regimen, we would love to get on terms with her stylist to nail some of her fashion looks as well. Imagine being able to pull off a cropped leather jacket with the same intensity that she had when she was new to Hollywood. Britney Spears gave Dance-Pop and Pop a taste of her own music with her evergreen and trending pieces, ‘Oops, I did it again,’ and ‘Baby, One More Time’ so much so that they are still listened to this date.   cool leather jackets   When we speak of fashion, Britney Spears can be seen clad in some of the most priceless yet authentic leather jackets occasionally. She has not only paired leather jackets with her basic jeans for a casual run on the town, but has also appreciated the attire in her hit music videos. Mentioned below are 3 inspirational looks of Britney Spears in cool leather jackets.  

“My heart is still a leather jacket I am waiting to give to someone sweet”

(Andrea Gibson)

SHEARLING LEATHER JAKCET : If we had one phrase to define this look of Britney Spears, we would probably go for ‘Drop Dead Gorgeous’. If you wish to know how to channel your inner charisma through a picture, then let this style be it. When they say that a picture’s worth a thousand words, we didn’t know that they meant it. In this shearling leather jacket, Britney Spears is not only looking tough, but is also giving us goosebumps with her charisma and raw energy.   Shearling Leather Jacket   Also, if there’s anybody who can pull off a celebrity brown leather jacket that is cropped and has shearling collars, then this platinum winning pop star might be the one we’re looking for.
  • This cropped leather jacket has wide lapel shearling collars and shearling cuffs as well.
  • It also has a zipper in the front for closure which makes fastening the jacket pretty easy.
  • It has shearling lining rather than viscose which can help you conquer winters easily.
BLACK STUDDED LEATHER JACKET: Her music video for ‘Till the World Ends’ hyped up a lot of attention from music critics, choreographers, stylists, and fans as well. Pictured in a black studded leather jacket from Burberry in the music video, the pop star is giving us chills and major fashion goals to follow.  

“I can mix and match a cute shirt with some skinny jeans under a leather jacket and it looks fun and unique.”

(Miley cirus)

  Black Studded Leather Jacket   It is not the first time that Britney Spears has worn a black leather jacket before the camera. Owning the fact that the pop-star is an avid fan of leather jackets, we have numerous instances of her wearing a black leather jacket while she is either meeting her father or out on the road.  

black leather jacket


  Let’s go all out on a black leather jacket this winter. All we need to do is choose from a biker studded jacket and a cropped, belted black leather jacket and we are done for the season. WHITE LEATHER JACKET AND PINK HIGHLIGHTS : When the music video for ‘I Wanna Go’ aired, we didn’t know what to focus on. We had trouble focusing on the red beetle they used in the video because we were pretty much distracted by the white leather jacket the pop star paired with her blonde hair and pink highlights. It was actually a major style move. Having pink highlights in blonde hair makes a call for subtlety, and the pop star has shown quite nicely.   white leather jacket


  White leather jackets have ever since then, gotten much love and appreciation from the designers and stylists, and not to mention her fans. We got major Avril Lavigne vibes as well from those pink highlights, but let’s face it, Britney Spears is one of her own, and that can be seen in almost all of her music videos. For today’s style inspiration, let’s go for a white leather jacket and a pair of white jeans with white stilettos because we are in the mood for an all-white outfit. If you need other style inspirations, then you might need to check out our blog for further additions, because we keep on updating with some of the most avid style renditions in Hollywood.