Explore the Latest Styles With the Wild Cards Wardrobe

Wild Cards Wardrobe

Undoubtedly, there are very few crime-comedy series in our entertainment industry and not all are impressive. Crime-comedy genre films and series are so interesting and exciting to watch because of the hilarious turns and actions. Nowadays, Wild Cards is one of the most popular streaming crime-comedy series. This Canadian series breaks all the records of popularity. The story revolves around a cop and a con woman who try to regain their positions. Thus, the story then takes some exciting twists and turns that are entertaining for the viewers. Moreover, Wild Cards Wardrobe is also getting praise on all fashion forums. 

Indeed, a classy wardrobe is the main element of every film and series. Makers know this very well, mainly because nowadays, people love to follow the fashion style of their favorite artists. Furthermore, they take fashion ideas and tips according to different situations from films and series. Therefore, Wild Cards Jackets & Coats are the best picks to make your look ideal and functional for many events.

Thus, this series’s jacket and coat collection is beautifully crafted and fits well with your sophisticated personality. You can pick any ensembles from Wild Cards Clothing and style them in any way you like. Many of you are still thinking about the cons and pros of getting the series’s fashion. Therefore, we will share some of the finest tunics matching your elite fashion taste below. Let’s begin!

The Stylish Leather Jacket For Men

The Stylish Leather Jacket For Men

Thus, Wild Cards Clothing features a classic fashion choice for men and women. You can experience classic fashion and styles of leather jackets in the series. Leather jackets are one of the non-detachable parts of men’s fashion. As men’s fashion already has fewer options, leather jackets have become the pillar of men’s fashion. 

The Cole Ellis Brown Jacket is among the classiest and favorite staples from the Wild Cards series. Indeed, leather jackets have an ancient history, and people love to wear this iconic staple in their routine. Leather jackets provide covering and layering to any outfit. It can keep you warm and stylish in every season. Thus, the Cole Ellis Brown Jacket is your only answer if you want a perfect leather jacket to match your vibe. Giacomo Gianniotti is an Italian-Canadian actor. He has worked in the industry for many years and is stealing hearts with his looks and acting. Furthermore, his fashion picks are also very peculiar. In the series, his styling is very minimal and trendy. 

This classic brown jacket features genuine leather in its manufacturing. Moreover, its shirt-style collar and zipper closure make the staple routine-friendly. In short, the Cole Ellis Brown Jacket is the best choice for your minimal fashion. 

Styling Guide

Styling can make any staple shine. You can pair this stylish Wild Cards S01 Giacomo Leather Jacket with an all-black outfit. Pair it with a black tee and denim. Add black combat boots with it and slay the evening.

Moreover, you can pair this Wild Cards S01 Giacomo Leather Jacket with a white button-up shirt and brown formal pants. Add brown suede boots with the look and create a perfectly-styled look for your office.

Dazzling Women’s Leather Jacket

Dazzling Women's Leather Jacket

Leather jackets are now the new and classy trend in women’s fashion. Undoubtedly, women’s leather jackets are an extraordinary staple in every wardrobe. These jackets can modify your look and perfectly combine a rugged look with a hint of feminism. It makes your personality robust and sophisticated. Women’s leather jackets are available in many colors, making the staple vibrant and stylish. The Max Mitchell White Jacket is the finest option if you need a staple in subtle color and minimal crafting. Indeed, this outclass jacket is one of the finest ensembles from the Wild Cards series. 

Vanessa Morgan plays the role of Max Mitchell in this crime-comedy series, Wild Cards. Vanessa is a Canadian actress shown in many films and series. In addition to her cute looks and fine acting skills, her fashion choices are also very classy and dashing. You can see her wearing trendy outfits throughout the series. The Max Mitchell White Jacket is one of them.

Thus, this white jacket’s manufacturing features genuine leather, making the staple robust and rugged. Moreover, the notch lapel collars add a perfect vintage touch to the staple’s crafting. Indeed, the Max Mitchell White Jacket will be the finest addition to your wardrobe. 

Styling Guide 

You can style this elegant white leather jacket in many ways. Pair the Wild Cards Vanessa Morgan White Jacket with a blue t-shirt and denim pants. Add leather boots with it, and you are perfectly ready for daily chores.

Also, you can pair this Wild Cards Vanessa Morgan White Jacket with a floral georgette dress, making your summer evenings vibrant and stylish. 

A Perfect Trench Coat

A Perfect Trench Coat

The next staple from the Wild Cards Wardrobe is a trench coat. The trench coat has an ancient history. During 1600 and 1700, people of England wore this trench coat over their dresses because it became an essential part of their dress code. With time, trench coats have become part of the naval uniform and have remained for a long time. Gradually, trench coats made their own identity, and today, you can see them under giant fashion banners. Trench coats are available in many fabric types. You can get a trench coat in leather, parachute, wool and cotton fabric. However, there are many other fabric types too. 

The Max Mitchell Brown Coat is making headlines in fashion campaigns nowadays. Indeed, this trench coat is the sexiest staple from her closet. If you are a trench coat fan, this iconic trench coat is just for you. 

Thus, trench coats play a massive role in making your looks perfect and sophisticated. They add a flare to your attire and make it more dreamy. Moreover, they are an excellent coverage staple against any season. The Max Mitchell Brown Coat features genuine leather, making the coat robust and durable against weather conditions. Furthermore, its double-breasted buttoned closure and lapel collars make the coat more vintage and trendy.

Thus, this Max Mitchell Brown Coat can instantly uplift your look. And you can pair and style it with numerous outfits. This brown coat will add aesthetics to your attire, making you look more magnificent and stylish.

Styling Guide

Pair this Wild Cards S01 Vanessa Morgan Coat for perfect styling over a black turtleneck and skin-fit jeans. This classy and subtle look goes well for your winter hangouts and clubbing.

Also, you can pair this Wild Cards S01 Vanessa Morgan Coat over a beige button-up shirt and white cotton pants. Add mules to your look and prepare for an ideal official meeting.

The Final Thoughts 

Thus, you can snatch many fantastic staples from the Wild Cards Wardrobe. These tunics will surely make your look perfect for any evening. The jackets and coats from the collection are so classy that they can easily lift any personality. The Movie Fashion offers all these terrific ensembles on its website. It means you can get a variety of Wild Cards Jackets & Coats under one roof. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and order today!

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