Who Protected All in the Action Film Charlie’s Angels?

Who Protected All in the Action Film Charlies Angels

The titular question might be of much importance for the ones who haven’t had the privilege to watch Charlie’s Angels so far. But for a movie geek like me, this isn’t a problematic one including dedicating a three minutes read solely to popularize the Charlie’s Angels Reboot Kristen Stewart Jacket, a sensation for the fashion pundits.

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Nevertheless, the short answer is based on the three fierce female warriors named Sabina Wilson, Elena Houghlin and Jane Kano who face off the challenges and save the world from utmost destruction. However, nothing sounds good enough if not explained in a detailed manner.

While storytelling is one of the best hobbies of many writers including mine, let’s talk a little bit about the latest adaption of the 70s film to help you understand the plot and the contributions of the three angels in keeping the bad guys away from disrupting the global peace.

Acknowledging The Angels’ Contributions 

As the Townsend agency branch of the European division is made aware of the wrongdoings of Alexander Brock, a tech giant,

by Elena, a programmer in the company, the angels are forced to embark on a new mission filled up of challenges and danger.

Along with Brock, Peter Fleming, the development head of Brock’s company, is also wanted by the Townsend agency for hiding a potential error in Calisto, a device equipped with the capacity to conserve energy.

Following a secret meeting to hand over the pieces of evidence to Edgar, the two have been ambushed by a deadly attack from an assassin who managed to kill Edgar yet fails to wipe out Elena who escapes from the scene and is saved by Jane Kano and Sabrina Wilson, the two major angels working for the agency.

After meeting with Rebekah Bosley, the agency operative, the two angels welcome Elena as the third one and aim to destroy the remaining prototypes of Calisto to save the world.

Acting as the major resisting force against Brock’s ambitions, the three follow Fleming to Istanbul who is believed to have been working on to sell the prototypes in the international market. Luckily, the angels spot Feliming along with the prototypes but things don’t prove to be as easy for the girls as it appears.

Before the team of girls catches Fleming, Jonny and Hodak, Flemings’ coordinators, appear to kill Fleming only to escape. This leads to a sudden yet growing perception among Charlie’s loyal angels about Rebekah being a traitor as the lead operator disappears right during the incident allowing safe passage to the criminals.

Making a returning to the safehouse when a bomb hits it, the two angels excluding Elena are believed to be dead by John (central negative character and agency’s operative) and Rebekah who was initially behind the attack and the biggest beneficiary of the Calisto sales.

Pretending the two angels have been killed in the blast ( who were still alive) the conspiracists then inform Elena about their mission to set up a secret network within the agency.

Going towards the story’s end, Elena and John are invited to a party hosted by Brock with the former forcing the latter to program a Calisto device to kill the two while taking Langston hostage who is one of Elena’s close friends.

However since the Angels have been aware of the plan, they make an appearance at the scene with Sabina singlehandedly knocking out John while the rest of the angels manage to overpower the bad guys without much resistance. Well, don’t worry about Elana and Langston, they have been saved by the pro-humanitarian warriors too. As you know a happy ending is mandatory for any Hollywood movie, this applies to Charlie’s Angels as well.

Aside from conveying a strong message of ” Women Empowerment ” to the audience, the film also allows a deep look inside the lives of the brave girls who deeply believe in their inner powers without caring much about the so-called worldly perspectives or opinions about the girls being inferior to men in terms of strength.

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