Twilight Series: The High-Class Outfits You May Have Missed

Twilight Series The High-Class Outfits You May Have Missed

Based on the fiction story of werewolves and vampires who always find ways to initiate wars, the romantic Hollywood film of Twilight has greatly influenced the minds of the new generation which is more or less after love and just love.

Featuring the story of a couple portrayed by Robert Pattinson and Kirsten Stewart, the Hollywood series has been discussed among the fashionistas for the major reason concerning the fashionable accessories featured in the series.

These fancy elements inspired by casual and formal fashion have given the main protagonists and antagonists a kind of power to rule the hearts of millions of fans of the Hollywood series.

To be specific, If you talk of the Twilight Celebrities Outfits which have been loved more than the storyline itself, you would find Pattinson’s attire to be of the best style. However, as you dig into the celebrity outfits of female stars, you would also find Stewart’s outfit to be of great importance for a fairly-high reputation of her character.

Without wasting time anymore, let’s check out only the best outfits offered by the Twilight cast once and for all while ensuring to pick up the best for our own needs.

Robert Pattinson 

Maintaining a low profile usually and staying indoors while having no work most of the time, Robert Pattinson has been pretty good when it comes to coming up with an outfit defining his style. While he has appeared in several movies, his outfit has always been the center of attention for his fans and the critics.

The Hollywood actor and the rising star has a good reason to invest in his style that too without seeking approval from his critics who are usually interested in bringing him down.

As we talk of the Twilight series, he has done whatever it took him to look better than his co-actors. Instead of trying out the low-key accessories to maintain a traditional appearance like every other actor, Pattinson relied on high key elements to uplift his style and eventually shut down the mouth of critics.

In order to look like a sensible man with a passion for fashion, the white-skinned star rocked the Robert Pattinson Grey Coat with a round-collared grey tee increasing the worth of his fashionable personality like never before.

Approaching the casual elements to preserve his much-liked style, the Hollywood celebrity has used black cotton pants with matching footwear in Twilight series.

Besides giving the desirable look, this casual outfit tends to make him look like a pretty young man interested in lightweight winter essentials more than anything else.

Booboo Stewart

Played a werewolf, Booboo Stewart also followed Pattinson’s footsteps to rely on casual elements for the popularization of his character which was liked by many around the world.

Although he has been spotted wearing full sleeves outer layers for most of the time in Twilight series, his best outfit is comprised of a sleeveless outer layer with cargo trousers.

What else could be better than wearing cargo trousers with a vest that too while keeping yourself cool enough in the summer season? While I bet you might be agreeing with the idea, there is nothing wrong with amending Booboo’s style for your own self-interests.

Whether you go with a vest or want to opt for a full sleeves shirt instead, cargo trousers, like the kind of one rocked by the said celebrity, are going to simply save you from criticism.

Let’s not forget the fact that cargo trousers are often considered to be the choice of the extremely fashionable dudes who are quite inspired by the military-inspired fashion.

Now if you don’t have a specific reason to invest in heavyweight summer essentials, you can go for Booboo’s outfit instead in order to have a fascinating look supported by a vest featuring a hooded collar. Sounds an idea to follow? You better go for it as soon as possible!

Kirsten Stewart 

Played Bella Swan, Kirsten Stewart’s approach towards casual fashion means she has been inspired by the lightweight essentials for most of the time.

Often appearing with a mix-up of lightweight and heavyweight winter and summer essentials, the American actress has a fair reason to work on her style to inspire her fans.

Since she has a huge fan following on all of her social media accounts, it is quite understandable that she has to work on her style way more than her female counterparts.

While girls are believed to take more time than men in terms of getting prepared for a party or an outing, Stewart is not an exception at all.

If you do have a reason to follow her, you should check out her semi-formal outfit in Twilight series which is composed of formal and casual items.

Donned a formal inner layer beneath a brown leather jacket, Stewart proved she has a superior taste of fashion than her co-actors who don’t tend to be worrying about their outfits at all.

Sported denim jeans to enhance her style, the freaking hot celebrity has given her fans a big reason to follow her for the rest of their lives. Actively posting photos on social media, Stewart’s style never remains under the thick layer of sand.

Despite her fans have praised her for her bold choices every time she has come in front of the camera, she doesn’t seem to be taking a step back in terms of bringing more and more to her fans.

For instance, if you don’t like her style in Twilight you can take a look at some of her splendid outfits from other Hollywood movies and you would be definitely surprised to know the reason she has been massively popular among the fashion-craving fans of hers.

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