Top Layers To Turn Your Halloween Night Into Something Memorable!

Top Layers To Turn Your Halloween Night Into Something Memorable!

Halloween wants everyone to dress up! From toddlers to grown-up adults, wearing costumes is a must thing to do on this day. It won’t spare you if you’re not a fashion enthusiast, because come on, it’s in the traditions! Well, for your ease, let us tell you that it doesn’t matter if spooky is not your thing; you have a lot of options to choose your Halloween Clothes from. Starting from funky looks in fruit costumes and continuing till sophisticated looks in just basic outfits, go according to your mood and look awesome.

How about some edginess combined with a lot of class? If top layers have started appearing in your minds, then consider yourself a low-key fashion stylist! Jokes apart, top layers are right now the trendiest way to give your Halloween Clothes an upper hand from all other costumes. Search on the internet, and you will come across a lot of movies and TV series having top layers in them. So watch, choose, and copy!

The Maroon Jacket of Star-Lord:

The main antagonist of the Guardians of The Galaxy movie, Star-Lord’s signature maroon jacket, is the major highlight of the film. The Guardians of the Galaxy Chris Pratt Jacket is perfect for Halloween and can be styled with various outfits for multiple looks. The glossy exterior of the jacket makes it a star stellar with the right amount of badass look.

Either you are looking for an emo biker appearance with a kickass vibe with chains and tattoos or want a refined outlook, this jacket will do both. By the looks of it, the sharp cut edges and the perfect shoulder fitting are its best features. Star-Lord didn’t opt for anything extra and still looked dashing. So, style this Guardians of the Galaxy Chris Pratt Jacket according to your mood and rock the night.

The Star-Printed Wonder Woman Jacket:

The superhero who can do anything in the world while kicking all the patriarchy rules is none other than Wonder Woman. Gal Gadot portrayed the invincible character with such grace and elegance that made all of us her fan. The costume also added an extra appealing look to her superhero personality that many people have started wearing a Wonder Woman Costume Jacket at the costume parties. Some even go one step ahead of everyone and gear up in her full steel made costume to satisfy their inner fandom.

People are crazy, aren’t they? The jacket is made with full perfection. The four stars printed on each sleeve and the iconic yellow ‘W’ shaped Wonder Woman symbol in the middle make this Wonder Woman Costume Jacket the classiest imitation of her costume. Go with the tiara and knock out everyone with your sexiness.

The Red Suit of Recent Joker:

It’s time to say peek-a-boo to the DC world! Jumping from Marvel to DC, the first character that comes to our mind for Halloween is Joker, alongside Harley’s love interest. While many of you must be thinking about the Heath Ledger Joker, let us clear that we are here talking about the Joaquin Phoenix Joker. This Joker put the classic purple coat aside, and instead opted for a Joaquin Phoenix Red Suit.

He wore a turquoise bubble printed shirt as the first layer, an orangish-yellow vest as the second, and the third, and the last layer was of the red coat. The suit gave her the perfect funky and dark Joker look that was just on point with his character. So, dress up as this Joker, put on white makeup, and carry a creepy smile to the party.

The Classic Serpents Jacket:

Southside Serpents Jacket is the identity of a Serpent. If you get successful in being a member of the gang, then wear this jacket everywhere to show off your strength. Diving straight into the TV series’ world, this jacket is the most popular right now. People are rocking these black motorcycle jackets as their Halloween Clothes. Well, if you love the leader of the gang, Jug, then what is stopping you from wearing that crown-shaped beanie?

Go for his look to the party by just wearing a Southside Serpents Jacket over basic tees and jeans and look like a ‘Weirdo,’ as Jug calls himself. Don’t feel left out on this fun day and get a jacket of any of the characters to make your ‘usual boring day’ a remarkable one!