Top Layers For Halloween: Yea or Nay?

Top Layers For Halloween Yea or Nay

Is Halloween around the corner and costume anxiety hitting you real bad? Don’t feel weird; it happens. No matter how strong-headed someone is, the costume tension doesn’t show mercy on anyone. But that’s not the end – there is some light at the end of this dark tunnel, which is a Halloween Themed Jacket!

These top layers are the real show-stoppers and your costume savior for this Halloween. Themed on your favorite movie and TV series characters, these jackets are just perfect for getting a Halloween costume with near-to-no efforts. Gone are the days when the Halloween costumes used to gulp your precious time, these top layers are costing you just some bucks.

A Biker Look:

Want a biker appearance without knowing how to ride a bike? No worries, the Negan Walking Dead Jacket is here! If you don’t know who that is, then you are missing something perfect. The Walking Dead is ruling on the small screens with the best vintage costumes and most attractive cast members. Negan’s character was played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan – the ever handsome man. He was a bad-bad guy in the series, and the jacket just did the rest of the work in completing his look.

This jacket is always a ‘YEA’ because you can attain so many looks from it. From a criminal look to a kickass biker appearance – this Negan Walking Dead Jacket will compliment all of them. Just style this jacket over any basic shirt, add a scarf around your neck, carry a baseball bat, and look the perfect gangster. Or drop the idea of scarf and bat, and wear leather pants, a bandana on the head, and look precisely like a biker.

A Casual Street Style Look:

If casual is your thing, then a Southside Leather Jacket is your ultimate go-to. The classy jacket from Riverdale has a glossy exterior with delicate cuts to give you a sleek look that you want this year. This jacket’s distinguishing feature is a green Serpent on the back – the ideal element for an intimidating touch.

This jacket is currently the hottest Halloween Themed Jacket. You can style this jacket for a free-style look by wearing it over rough t-shirts, ripped jeans as the bottom, and sneakers for footwear. Accessorize it with sunglasses and chains and rock the street style look at the Halloween party without even going out of your way.

You can get a biker and a drug-dealer look with this gloomy Southside Leather Jacket if you want something edgy. Wear this black jacket with a pure black outfit, add a cap to your look to keep the face hidden, and ace a drug-dealer look. For biker appearance, repeat the drill discussed above with the Negan Walking Dead Jacket; replace this serpent jacket in its place.

A Mysterious Psycho Look:

Only one person comes to everyone’s mind whenever we hear the word ‘psycho.’ Yes – Joker from the DC world! The iconic character has been in the entertainment industry since the time of our grandparents. Many Jokers came and went, but the impressive dialogue delivery and classy Joker costumes always remained the same. For so many, Joker has been occupying the first position on most picked Halloween looks list accompanied by his love interest, Harley Quinn.

Every Joker costume was almost the same; some credits go to Jared Leto for acing a new look in the Joker Purple Coat. His costume included silver Grillz, tattoos, and chains – an edgy choice from the typical purple tuxedo. But if you still want to stay stuck with the classical Joker then, opt for a Heath Ledger suit consisting of a Joker Purple Coat and put on a smile on that face.

An alternative to look the trendiest and gather sympathy from people is a Joaquin Phoenix Red Suit. The recent standalone Joker movie shook the world by storm – and Joaquin Phoenix was phenomenal in it. So, what could be better than this Joker? Put on the perfect Joker makeup, and carry a fake gun with you to scare the people who annoy you.

Concluding with a big ‘YEA’ – who could not get appealed by these gorgeous top layers! You don’t need to make any extra efforts with this list of amazing outerwear; the celebrities have already done all the work. So, imitate them and relish on soul cakes in style!

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