Time to read the Nightwing Facts you are supposed to know

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The Batman family is full of superheroes with extraordinary abilities and invincible powers. Among them, Nightwing holds a prominent spot for giving a tougher time to the enemies as compared to his family members. Besides Batman Arkham Knight Nightwing Black Leather Jacket, let’s figure out a few facts about Nightwing to blow your mind out.

1- Of all the Batman we have known yet, Joker hates Nightwing the most.

2- Since the meta-human character was highly inspired by a Kryptonian superhero, he named himself as Nightwing.

3- Ironically, Dick was never a religious figure, although his parents were Christian Catholic.

4- He and Starfire together have a daughter named Starfire possessing the ability to fly and absorb.

5- It’s a well-known fact that Nightwing can hold his breath for up to 7 minutes.

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