This is why the legendary Arkham Knight Jacket is not enough to sway a Marvel fan.

This is why the legendary Arkham Knight Jacket is not enough to sway a Marvel fan

What Makes Marvel A Dominant One?

Whenever a new movie is announced with a new character in the comics lovers community, that becomes the hot topic to talk about. On the basis of the comics, everyone presumes the importance and story the new characters are going to have. So many times, the predictions of the comic nerds were on point, but the interesting thing is sometimes they have been totally wrong in order to predict the worth of that character.

A character that may not have enough fan following in the comics ends up gaining a boost once made into a real-life movie. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has mastered the art of giving a twist to any character’s origins or the purpose, which gives a whole new persona out of it. This particular thing we have seen in almost every phase of Marvel, which is why we see the popularity chart of Comics going higher and higher.

Talking about the fame of any character is quite difficult because every character has their own origins, powers (or skills), tributes, and even personality in general. So everyone has their own pick from the vast collection that Marvel has to offer (7,000, maybe more). The enormous list of the characters comes with thousands of costumes for the cosplayers. It’s true that Marvel is the franchise for the cosplayers, but still, some outfits from other publishers have some more following compared to their outfits like the Arkham Knight Jacket.

Changing something from a comic is a great risk for Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) because their fans are truly passionate about it, and most of them have been reading their collection since their childhood. Most of the time, their risk pays-off but sometimes it pisses off the whole community like in Thor: The Dark World, the featuring antagonist, The Dark Elf, was one of the most appreciated villains from the books, but they tweaked it in a way that left the Thor fans disappointed.

Let’s have a quick look at the characters that came out even better by the prediction of comic gurus.

Iron Man

Yes, Iron man. The average viewers of MCU wouldn’t believe it because they have no clue about the early struggles that Marvel had to go through. MCU took the longest they possibly could to find Robert Downey Jr as the face of iron man. Robert Downey Jr wasn’t the first choice to be cast for the character of Tony Stark. One amazing fact that many don’t know but are always surprised to hear — The time when Downey signed the contract with Marvel, he wasn’t the highest-paid actor, not even in the cast, Terrence Howard, the supporting actor, played the role of Lt. Colonel James Rhodes. At the payday, his paycheck has more zeros than Downey’s check. After the success of the Iron man franchise, he negotiated the price at the time of his contract extension and got $50 million alone for the Avenger.

Do you know that Marvel’s main purpose in making movies is to engage the kids to sell their toys more! Making it the first-ever movie that was produced just for the kids. What the comic fanatics didn’t know at the time was that the movies were not going to be like the comics. But it will have a Marvel twist, which is why the anticipation was severe. But when it hit the big picture, everyone was talking about Iron man. You can put it like this; it was a surprise to the box office that the producers didn’t even know.


Another character that many don’t agree with is Loki. Well, we are talking about those characters who haven’t seen the twist of MCU movies. The first-ever appearance of Loki was in Thor; this was a familiar name among comic readers. It was the famous Tom Hiddleston who made the fame of Loki all possible. As it was also the first appearance of Thor (Chris Hemsworth), he beat the leading actor (Chris) fan following, his number was a bit higher as compared to Hemsworth.

Shocked even the directors were, on which they decided to keep Loki on-screen because he wasn’t planned to be featured in such movies as he has since his first appearance. All this wouldn’t be possible without Tom Hiddleston, as he put a unique flavor into the character and the love of fans; there are a number of communities that are calling themselves Hiddlestoners.


The creature of another planet has been one of the most praised anti-hero characters from the comics. The Alien Symbiotes have been worn by a number of heroes but landed on Eddie Brock, which is no doubt the most liked and praised one in the whole comic collection. Now because the movie, Venom wasn’t a part of MCU, there was a lot of disappointment in the community because Sony doesn’t get the twist (or change) that Marvel has, and in the past, they have renewed the Superman franchise a couple of times, and either one of them justifies the fame, power and the potential of the superhero. On the other hand, Marvel used spider man only in 3 of their films (more to come) and nailed it!

The film Venom no doubt got the (deserved) fame, but before its release, it was being criticized by comics fans because it was renewed by Sony Pictures; they have a bad reputation of portraying the story of any character in a very bland way. But this time, Sony really outdid themselves, there are so many great things in the movie that are praised by the hard to please critics and the cosplayers (talking about the costumes there is another dark character in the other universe like him has quite more popularity, batman Arkham knight red hood, the story (Marvel’s twist), Venom Jackets, Tom Hardy, and many more. This is probably the best antagonist’s very own movie out there at the time.

Silver Surfer

The only character that was created around speed, he is the fastest character in Comics (or he was for a brief time). The only portrayal of this character we saw was in the movie Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer, but sadly this movie doesn’t justify the potential of the character. There are so many things that are somewhat wrong, the whole movie didn’t have the proper origin and wasn’t even a proper movie (story) to go with, but still, this movie was a lot better than its first installment (Fantastic Four).

The reason to add this character to the list is that Silver Surfer still has a lot of fans and is the most known and famous persona from the comics of the Fantastic Four franchise, but at the time of the movie, every comic lover was disappointed, and it has lost a chunk of its fan base. Everyone loves the Marvel character but didn’t get to see an awesome kick-ass movie (yet) like Avengers and not even a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Honestly, we are waiting to see this character go through the legendary Marvel twist. Be it a leather jacket, batman red hood jacket, or a nightwing jacket, no amount of DC merchandise can sway a Marvel fanatic.

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