These Star Trek Discovery Characters Inspired Outfits Are Trending Everywhere

These Star TRACK Characters Inspired Outfits Are Trending Everywhere

Entertaining millions of fans all around the globe, the Star Trek franchise has greatly contributed to the promotion of fashion by bestowing the trendy wear to the characters. If you don’t know what this means, you better take a look at the hottest outfits given to the characters of the Star Trek franchise.

With a number of installments, the franchise has ensured to keep its fans updated about the latest trends. Ever since Star Trek: Discovery has released, it has promoted the fashion trends more than any other installment to the franchise.

Keep scrolling down until you find the trendiest outfits featured in Star Trek series and ensure to share with your friends to let them be aware of the new fashion trends revealed in the popular serials.

Christopher Pike

Portrayed by the still-young actor Anson Mount, the underrated character of Christopher Pike has been responsible for setting up more trends than all the rest of the characters combined.

Mister Pike’s name has probably been attached with more trends than his counterparts which gives him an edge over the rest to standardize his style like no other.

A charismatic personality, Pike’s wild yellow colored outfit is composed of the popular Captain Christopher Pike Yellow Jacket which has been partnered black pants supported by knee-high black boots.

This extraordinarily hot yellow and black colored outfit is the only reason Pike’s followers have been increasing day by day. While Pike is nothing other a glorious leader who serves as the primary figure to lead his people, he has been followed primarily by the fashion-craving audiences for a long period of time.

So the next time you think of collecting the items to build Pike’s inspired outfit,  make sure to grab the yellow layer, or else you better go home empty-handed.

Michael Burnham

The Star Trek franchise has never run short on the influential characters to promote the latest fashion trends. When it comes to inspiring the audiences the most, Michael Burnham’s iconic character comes in the mind straight away.

The fictional protagonist played by the American actress Sonequa Martin tends to get help from the trendy items to inspire her fans. In Star Trek: Discovery, Burnham has appeared to be the hottest diva with a military green scary rolled up around her neck and a black wide lapel collar jacket touching her chest.

In addition, a blue tank beneath the black outer layer does justice to her looks and ensures she looks like a clearly hot celebrity who loves working on her style.

Despite the fact her style has not really contributed to the expansion of her fan club at all, she still can be considered a fine woman with a great sense of fashion.

Captain James T. Kirk

It is impossible to neglect mister Captain James T. Kirk while counting the highly fashionable characters that appeared in Star Trek Beyond. Defended his style like a truly fashion-filled man, Captain Kirk’s enthralling outfit in the said show is perhaps the best one from all of his appearances.

The outfit is simply composed of various blue colored elements with that blue leather jacket donned over a rounded black tee shirt supported by blue pants being the classiest one.

Kirk’s ultra-hot outfit can be further divided into various other unique elements that are definitely out of this world. While building his outfit, the designers have ensured to use the specific elements to make him appear extraordinarily hotter than the previous version of him in the previous projects.

If you don’t mind putting on very different layers partnered with futuristic elements, you can freely opt for Kirk’s choices while giving him some credits for coming up with a fantabulous idea to promote his character.


If you are looking for a futuristic outfit donned by a Star Trek character, Jaylah’s outfit could be what you may have been looking for. While this character has appeared in not so many episodes, it has definitely attracted thousands of fashion-minded souls for some great reasons.

As Jaylah’s name comes into one’s mind, it eventually supports the idea of an utterly fantastic outfit sported by the dangerous lady in Star Trek Beyond. Whether you look at the padded outerwear of brown shade or numerous other tools attached to Jaylah’s body, the outfit gives a strikingly bold look to the girl who is quite master at crushing the opponents singlehandedly.

In case you are inspired by the trendy outfits supported by unique fashion elements, you are supposed to give a try to the very different kind of outfit donned by Jaylah.

Khan Noonien

If you are into dark-colored outfits for no specific reason, you should be a big fan of Khan Noonien’s incredibly hot outfit in the super popular Hollywood film Star Trek Into Darkness.

Noonien’s dark-shaded outfit is composed of a long leather made layer with shiny leather pants and a black inner layer partnered with a black scarf.

While this outfit gives Noonien an edge over the rest of his rivals and counterparts, it also tends to give him a remarkable appearance like a truly dangerous figure for his enemies.

Filled with immense power and an intention to give a tough time to the opponents, Noonien conveys a message of his strength by layering dark-colored layers which ultimately add classiness to his outfits.

Take a look at all the characters featured in the said Hollywood film and you will be unlikely to find a man gifted with such a great sense of fashion.

While this is worth-appreciating, this also gives a strong reason to you and the rest of the fans of the Noonien to strictly follow his style book.