These Jackets Featured In Vox Lux Are Ruling the Internet

These Jackets Featured In Vox Lux Are Ruling the Internet

Unable to gain a considerable number of satisfying reviews on a number of websites, Vox Lux has still a lot to offer to the fans of both Hollywood and fashion.

Revolves around the life of the 13 years old Celeste, Vox Lux is another addition to the list of flop Hollywood movies.

While the film has failed to attract a large segment of Hollywood fans, it has managed to inspire a lot of fashionistas for a number of reasons concerning the hot accessories rocked by the fashionistas.

This includes the so-called Vox lux Jackets which are believed to be too hot to handle and too cool to rock with casual accessories! Combination of modern and vintage fashion, these jackets have been the primary reason there is a lot of discussion about Vox Lux on various social media forums.

Being impatient to know further about these outer layers? Let’s expand the content and disintegrate the outerwear collection of Vox Lux into four pieces for your assistance.

The Shiny Casual Article

Starting with the first and probably the hottest piece, finally, your wait for an extremely shiny jacket is over. Stylized by Natalia Portman, the dual citizen of United and Israel and the smoking hot actress who played Celeste’s character fueled by passion, it’s creatively developed outer structure would remind you of the late 80s fashion trends when such outer layers were new to the world.

As you go through the specification list of the jacket, you would find a wide lapel collar from the past trend to be the primary component of the outerwear. Apart from being made of quality material to take care of your exceptional needs in the winter season, it would last for years.

How to Try It? 

While your mind may already be flooded with tons of ideas to rock such a unique jacket certainly when it is inspired by an actress like Natalia Portman, you would be advised to use it with white camis and a gold sequin skirt setting up your high standard.

Natalia Portman’s Hottest Style 

Since the fashionable attires have been discussed here, I have found myself to be irresistible against the Natalie Portman Jacket which is the hottest outerwear associated with her so far.

This has deliberately brought her into the limelight with that perfect smile on the face. I mean, just look at the perfection added to the outerwear from bottom to the top and jump towards the conclusion.

You don’t really need to waste your time browsing the internet in search of a replacement to your old jackets when Portman has already introduced something way better than most of the crappy attires available out there.

How to Incorporate It into Your Outfit? 

Gone are the old days when you would be dependent upon tees and full sleeves shirts of even crewnecks. If you want to massively change your style and look as hot as Portman, you would be better experimenting with the camel shaded embellished shoes supported by tight denim pants and a grey ripped inner layer of any type.

Raffey Cassidy Endorses Sky Blue

If you like investing in the new trends and love wearing shiny jackets, you should definitely grab Raffey Cassidy’s sky blue shiny jacket before your friends do.

Same in terms of the outer structure and cool enough to be tried with almost any accessory, Cassidy’s jacket from Vox Lux is another new trendy casual accessory in the international market of outer layers inspired by the celebrities.

The young actress rocking the masterpiece is mainly responsible for making this vintage accessory to the sky-high level of popularity. While a lot of fans of hers are too desperate to grab it, many are concerned to copy Cassidy’s style and beat their rivals.

Despite you may have innumerable jackets in your closet for your service, you can’t exclude this outerwear from your wishlist for no specific reason. In short, as long as you don’t come up with a solid reason to not buy it, it is likely to stay in your mind.

Rock It In The Following Way

Considering you would want to have the best results in terms of your appearance, you should try it with a black tank top mixed up with ripped corduroy pants for total dominance over your opponents. Additionally, you might also like to add black sunglasses and a muffler wrapped around your neck. Or in another case, you should be open to wearing it with striped trousers of black to have a sporty outfit.

Black Attire Supported By Studs 

Thanks to the vintage fashion, studs on the jackets are still a kind of trendy thing for most of the fashionistas. Whether you love reliving the past trends or look forward to the future fashion styles, you better be aware of the fact that studs supported jackets are unlikely to disappear from the trend list for the next century.

Although Raffey Cassidy is a young actress with the extreme potential to entertain the audiences, the way she rocks stylish accessories is more than just an admirable thing. As it is with the case of that black jacket featuring studs, you would love to rock it while you hang out with a bunch of like-minded creatures or kickstart your motorbike to have a refreshing tour of the city.

With hundreds of studs all over the jacket occupying every inch of the exterior, this outerwear is like an all in one package to complete your casual outfit. If you want to build a very special casual outfit this winter season, try with this black jacket as the primary component of the dark black outfit.

One of the Few Ways to Don It 

Try it with your fingers covered up by various silver rings and your wrist dominated by a silver chain. Not only that but you also need to have a white fluffy jumper and sober denim pants to complete the style without looking for other alternatives.