The Ultimate Joker Costume Guide

Joker Costume Guide

Who is the better costume inspiration other than Joker? The answer is, of course, no one! Carrying the legacy of purple suits and tuxedos on his shoulders, Joker has come a long way since then. Not just his laughter, but the Joker Costume has also taken a turn from purple to red in the recent standalone movie by Todd Philips. He has been portrayed by many incredible actors; to be honest, everyone has done the perfect job.
From accessories to the makeup, everything portrayed his evil plans and mysterious personality just right. Well, the way that he blends in his costumes, either its Heath Ledger, Jared Leto, or Joaquin Phoenix, gives us major outfit goals. So, if you are planning to be ‘Puddin’ at the upcoming costume party, then here is the brief costume guide for you to be the best Joker ever, and that too without tiring yourself — find the links to the products as well! So, what are you waiting for? Scroll down now!


Joaquin Phoenix wore this vibrant red tuxedo suit in the Oscar-winning standalone ‘Joker’ that came out in 2019. The costume of this Joker gave a whole new impression to the iconic character. The electrifying combination of red and yellow went so well with his goofy personality, and the accessories were the cherries on the top!


Joker Suit

It consists of a suit and trousers. The entire suit is crafted with wool blend fabric having the comfiest viscose lining. To depict the mysterious personality of Joker in a cool way, the coat has a peak lapel style collar, and the trousers are kept straight with two pockets on both sides.

Joker Shirt:

Joker Shirt

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Before going for the layering’s, get a screen printed green shirt with a buttoned front closure. The shirt of Joker had white bubbles printed on it with perfectly sleek collars. To get the swag of Joker, you must button up the shirt till the collar. This way, it looks classy and gives the vest an ideal platform to sit without any issues.

Joker Vest:

Joker Vest

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Wear a yellow vest over the shirt having a satin back for extra glam. The vest has an adjustable strap belt on the back and a sleek button closure on the front. This vest is the epitome of the fun vibe, having mixed with a refined appearance.

Joker Shoes:

Joker Shoes

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The glossy brown shoes made of leather were donned by Joaquin Phoenix in the movie. The edgy point about them was the black front and lace area. Both colors went so well with the costume.

Joker Bow Tie:

Joker Bow Tie

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He completed the tuxedo suit with a green bow tie set. Find the sleekest set made of the soft polyester blend.

Makeup Kit:

Joker Make Up

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If you want to make extra efforts to look like a real Joker, put on the iconic makeup yourself. You can also consult a makeup artist for perfection but can even do it yourself because it’s the easiest.

Joker Socks:

Joker Socks

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Well, a nice pair of socks might sound like a negligible costume accessory, but you never know when you have to take off your shoes. You don’t want anyone to doubt your Joker personality!

Joker Wig:

Joker Wig

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If you don’t want to dye and curl your hair, then go for a green wig. Look out for a temperature bearing wig made of synthetic material to feel relaxed.

Joker Cigarette:

Joker Cigerate

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The final step is to carry a cigarette with you. If you are comfortable in smoking and do that quite often.


Joaquin Phoenix Joker Checkered Suit

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Another costume option from the same Joker is the checkered blazer he wore in the first half of the movie. While being mocked by some teenagers and running after his stolen board, he gave us the perfect costume option to pull off the next costume party. This costume is the unique Joker Costume so far that very few opt for.

Joaquin Phoenix Checkered Blazer:

The blazer was in a multicolor combination to give Arthur Fleck a clownish appearance. It has lapel styled collar with a sleek front finish. The sleeves are full, having buttons at cuffs. It is in a jacket style which ends on the waist. The woolen blazer has a breathable viscose lining to make you feel comfortable.

Joaquin Phoenix Joker Pant:

He styled the blazer with a maroon pant made of the comfiest cotton fabric. You can go for any material that you like. But the right choice would be baggy pants with patches on and above knees.

Joaquin Phoenix Joker Vest:

You can opt for the same vest that you wear with the red tuxedo suit costume. The cool-toned vest goes with this costume as well, as it truly portrays the funky clownish personality of his. Imagining him as a clown without this yellow vest seems so awkward!

Joaquin Phoenix Joker Tie:

Every costume suit is incomplete without a bow or a tie. The tie made of polyester in a multicolor combination compliments the costume just right.

Joaquin Phoenix Joker Clown Shoes:

Joker Clown Shoes

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The most prominent part of his costume was the funkiest clown shoes of his. The red and blue with stars complemented his overall clown appearance like a boss.

Joaquin Phoenix Joker Wig:

Joker Wig

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The iconic green wavy wig of Joker has remained the same throughout years of evolution.

Joaquin Phoenix Joker Hat:

Joaquin Phoenix Joker Hat

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He wore a small brown-colored winter hat as well. It is made of wool and has a white and red ribbon kind of belt as well. It isn’t necessary to go for the same hat, and you can also go for just a similar brown-colored hat.

Joaquin Phoenix Joker Gloves:

Joker Gloves

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White gloves are the main part of a clown costume. The rules are the same if you are imitating a murderer clown!

Joaquin Phoenix Joker Nose:

Joker Nose

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Don’t forget the red clown nose, or else no one would take you as Joker!


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