The Ultimate Costume Style Guide To Wear Your Chicest Squid Game Costume!

The Ultimate Costume Style Guide To Wear Your chicest squid game costume

The Netflix sensation ruled over the planet when its episodes premiered in September last year. And it became the streamer’s most famous TV show after a few weeks. Thanks to all the engaging Squid Game approaches and the fierce and nail-snarky Squid Game frolickings they showed throughout the show.

Every Halloween, spooky season enthusiasts are obsessed with one query: which outfit are you deciding to wear this time? There are so many choices to pick from. Would you like to wear a costume by your fave celebrity? Or pay tribute to your famous decade with outfits that are inspirations from Y2k or the ’80s? Finding the ideal Halloween outfit sometimes fumes to something as austere as a series on your routine streaming app. Take Netflix, for example. You can recreate your looks inspired by the Hawkins Dungeon and Dragons squad with Stranger Things costumes. Or you can swab into the K-drama show that everyone can’t resist speaking about with a squid game Halloween costume

With Halloween just around the corner, it’s time to start considering outfits to wow your buddies and loved ones at any forthcoming parties. And if you are wondering what to get your Squid Game-obsessed loved ones, then we’ve also got you protected in this piece of writing with the stunning squid game Halloween costume diy. 

About the Squid Game Player Appearance

Each player wears a dark teal or dark green tracksuit. A sweatshirt and a pair of sweatpants are the only two items you’ll need to dress like one of these traits. The shirt has a zipper-down front, and the pants have a basic elastic waistband. The players do not wear any other items in the television series. The costume is relatively primary.

Squid Game Player DIY Costume Guide 

The contestants on the psychopathic reality show Squid Game, which airs on Korean Netflix, have a specific costume you can choose to wear this Halloween. The players wear long-sleeved sweatshirts and comfortable sweatpants in a dark teal tracksuit. Each player’s costume has a number on the front of the tracksuit and the t-shirt underneath.

How to Wear a Tracksuit Like a Squid Game Contestant

squid game Green Tracksuit Jacket

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If you are a great fan of the widespread Tv series “Squid Game,” then you will love to recreate this 067 squid game costume look for Halloween night this time. So here is the guide and the things that you are going to need when you decide to create your costume look this time. 

The Classic Yet So Stylish Tracksuit Jacket

The long-sleeved jacket that goes with the pants is the same color. This staggering 067 squid game costume jacket has pockets on both sides and a matching stripe that runs from just underneath the collar to about halfway down the sleeve. 

The squid game costume tracksuit comes in poly-cotton material. The inner lining makes the ensemble more comfortable and cozier. This classic squid game jacket has a stand-up collar and a sturdy zipper closure. The chicest teal green jacket also has two pockets on the outside and two on the inside. It retains full sleeves with cuffs at the end.

You’ll notice that every squid game outfit is the costume you were probing for your Halloween looks this year. 

The Comfortable Teal Green Sweatpants

The Comfortable Teal Green Sweatpants

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The two-piece Squid Game player costume consists of sweatpants with an elastic waistband and a string that lets you change how comfortable the pants are. The white adjustable string matches the green pants. Additionally, a two-inch-wide white stripe runs the pants’ length and is present on the side of each leg. Elastic is present on the bottom of the legs, just like it is on the top.


There is a three-digit number on the squid game costume jacket’s upper left side. These numbers include 067, 218, and 456, among others. If you want to look the same as the contestants playing in the show, you must go for the tracksuit with numbers. Keep in mind that the television show has dozens of players. You have many options for the number on the sweatshirt. This costume is an essential costume that most cosplayers know how to slay. You can also add more changes while recreating this look to look more staggering. 

The Comfortable And Trendy Pair Of White Sneakers 

The Comfortable And Trendy Pair Of White Sneakers

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This costume look’s most essential and fundamental part includes a pair of comfortable white sneakers. If you want to have a perfect look on Halloween night to go to your friend’s place, you need to get your hands on some trendy shoes too. A pair of white sneakers will complete your outfit of the day look in such a perfect way that nobody would resist complimenting your looks. So we suggest you consider wearing some white sneakers if you want to satisfy your look with ultimate sassiness! 

The Black Short Length Black Hair Wig

The Black Short Length Black Hair Wig

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If you have some colored or blonde-toned hair, then this one is the essential thing for you. If you want to get a look just like the players in the show, then you must get your hands on this classic black hair wig. As you can witness in the show, the contestant having 067 number on her shirt, has a charming personality with short-length black hair. And no doubt, her hair looks great on her. So, if you also want the same thing for yourself, feel free to get one wig for you as well. And in this way, you can finalize your trendy diy squid game costume incredibly. 

The Classical End Words

If you want to dress like a contestant from the television show Squid Game, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding what you need to wear on Halloween this year. The classic Squid Game costume does not come with shoes, headbands, bracelets, jewelry, or hats. To complete it, you only need sweatpants, a sweatshirt, and a white t-shirt. So, we recommend you try this tremendous look and make yourself stand out from the crowd this time on Halloween and make people go wow!

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