The Edge of Seventeen More Unbearable for Nadin

The Edge of Seventeen More Unbearable for Nadin (2)

For a few years or more, Hollywood filmmakers have been busy working on films revolving around teenage characters and The Edge of Seventeen is one of them. Yeah, I know as you have read the title, you must be thinking about the Hailee Steinfeld Leather Jacket, but as Nadine’s story is quite a sad one, we will be covering what she goes through in the film rather than what she rocked. 

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Based on the life of the 17 years old teenage girl Nadin, the film features comedic scenes, rivalry, jealousy, and love all between among the characters of Nadine, Darian, and Krista.

As the film centers around Nadine’s character, the story emphasizes names linked with her like Darian who is her older brother and Krista, one of her closest school friends. 

Losing father at an early age due to a heart attack, she feels a closeness to Darian for being too supportive and caring and the only male member of the family. Since Nadine deals with loneliness and insecurity all the time ever since her father has departed from the world, Darian treats her like in the best way possible while giving most of his time to her.

But things start getting worse when Krista and Darian start dating each other which ultimately imposes a threat upon Nadine’s strong yet unbreakable relationship with the latter. 

Knowing Darian and Krista are spending time alone on a frequent basis, Nadine’s insecure mind gives birth to lots of questions concerning her brother’s relationship with her. 

This eventually weakens Nadine’s friendship with Krista who intentionally or unintentionally is keeping Darian away from his younger sister. Depressed and stressed out, Nadine is unable to accept the reality that her older brother who is a family star is actually getting away from her.

While Darian and Krista are actually in love with each other, they ignore the growing distance between them and Nadine which further leads the latter to feel like an isolated creature.

The worse part of the story comes when Nadine and Krista spend time each other during the night at Nadine’s house but the former is found to be in bed with Darian the next morning.

Feeling she has had enough, she manages to get away from Krista in a bid to feel relieved and free her from the cursed life. But the struggle is not over yet as Nadine meets Erwin who happens to be a rich guy working on animation films. 

Asking Erwin for sex and being refused, Nadine realizes the curse is not over yet. As the teenage girl fights her mother due to heated arguments, she steals her car and drives to Nick where they both try to have sex but Nadine’s disapproval causes the gentleman to stop. 

The girl calls Mr. Burner who takes her to his home telling him she is going to take his life. Realizing Nadine has been neglected, Darian approaches Burner’s house and makes her understand about the pressure he has been dealing with ever since their father has died. 

Darian tries to convince Nadine that he loves her like before and assures her she will not be ignored by him ever again. A happy ending comes to the sufferings of the teenage girl and they both go back home as the cursed girl accepts Erwin as his boyfriend and their lives are spent with peace. 

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